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Researchers decode mood from human brain signals
By developing a novel decoding technology, a team of engineers and physicians at the University of Southern California (USC) and UC San Francisco have discovered how mood variations can be decoded from neural signals in the human brain--a process that has not been demonstrated to date.
Anti-depressants do work
Anti-depressants do help lift people's mood, although their effects vary.
Are you catching other people's emotions?
If you've ever felt as though you caught a co-worker's or family member's mood, it probably wasn't your imagination. Emotions can be transmitted more easily than colds or flus —faster than the blink of an eye!
Study: Interrupted sleep not good for mood
Waking up several times a night is more likely to put you in a bad mood than a shorter amount of sleep without interruption, a new study finds.
Study solves mystery of memory, mood
Scientists are one step closer to understanding how the brain regulates memory and mood, thanks to the discovery of two distinct types of stem cells.
Upbeat walking style might lift your mood
The way you walk can affect your mood, according to a new study.

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