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Seven dead in US from rare disease spread by mosquitoes
At least seven people have died from Eastern Equine Encephalitis, a rare disease spread by mosquitoes. At least 27 people have been infected in six states.
Zika-resistant mosquitoes engineered by Australian researchers
Australian scientists made a major breakthrough in the fight against the Zika virus.
'Birth control’ insecticide could stop mosquitoes being able to hatch
A form of ‘birth control’ for mosquitoes could be used to tackle populations of the creatures in areas where insect-borne diseases are rife.
Male mosquitoes listen for approaching females using built-in amplifier
Play it loud. Male mosquitoes use a built in amplifier to hear the wingbeat of approaching females, according to new research.
Simple test detects disease-carrying mosquitoes, presence of biopesticide
A new diagnostic tool has been developed by researchers at The University of Texas at Austin that can easily, quickly and cheaply identify whether a mosquito belongs to the species that carries dangerous diseases such as Zika virus, dengue, chikungunya or yellow fever. It can also determine whether the bug has come into contact with a mosquito-control strategy known as Wolbachia.
Some California mosquitoes can carry Zika virus
Aedes mosquitoes in California can spread the Zika virus, researchers reported.
Thirsty mosquitoes may bite more in droughts
Your blood might be a thirst quencher for mosquitoes during a drought.
Official map finds Zika-transmitting mosquitoes in much of US
Mosquitoes that can transmit the Zika virus have been found to live in nearly all US states, according to maps released by authorities trying to assess the public health threat.
'Sweating' billboard to kill mosquitoes anti-Zika fight
Brazil is fighting back against the Zika virus with sweating billboards designed to attract and kill mosquitoes.
Home remedies to get rid of mosquitoes
Researchers suggest some natural methods, such as like neem and coconut oil concoction or garlic to get rid of mosquitoes at home and keep the mosquito-borne disease at bay.
Ever wondered why mosquitoes keep biting you?
Are you always the one the mosquitoes swarm to when you’re on holiday? It could be down to your genes.
Body odor attracts or repels mosquitoes
Your genes may affect whether mosquitoes prefer to snack on you or someone else, a new study shows.

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