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Most people who try one cigarette become daily smokers
At least two-thirds of those who try cigarettes go on to become daily smokers, even if only temporarily, research suggested.
Researchers characterize one of ‘top most-wanted fungi’
In a step toward bridging the gap between fungal taxonomy and molecular ecology, scientists have characterized a sample of ‘mystery’ fungus collected in North Carolina and found its home in the fungal tree of life.
Mystery of how most antimatter in the Milky Way forms solved
A team of international astrophysicists led by the Australian National University (ANU) has shown how most of the antimatter in the Milky Way forms.
Most dietary salt not added to food at the table
Tossing out the salt shaker may not be enough for your heart health. Most of the salt that Americans consume comes from processed foods and restaurant meals, a new study found.
Low-dose aspirin may lower risk for most common type of breast cancer
Score yet another point for low-dose aspirin: Regularly taking ‘baby’ aspirin appears to protect women from the most common type of breast cancer, new research suggested.
Most mentally ill women not getting cervical cancer screenings
Cervical cancer screening rates are much lower among women with severe mental illness than among other women, a new study found.
Most of Mars' air was lost to space
It is clear now that a big fraction of the atmosphere of Mars was stripped away to space early in its history.
Most older women don’t get bone tests after hip fractures
When older women fracture a hip, they usually don’t get bone density tests that might show whether they need treatment to help prevent more broken bones, a recent US study suggested.
World's most threatening superbugs ranked in new list
The World Health Organization has drawn up a list of the drug-resistant bacteria that pose the biggest threat to human health.
Most asthma patients in UK not getting basic care
Millions of asthma patients are not receiving basic levels of care to keep their condition in check, a charity warned.
Most British are against 2nd EU referendum: Poll
An opinion poll has revealed that the majority of British people are against holding a second referendum on UK’s membership of the European Union.
Most people in Britain regard themselves working class
Six out of ten people in Britain today consider themselves working class because they believe their family background determines class rather than occupation or whether they went to university.
Most American male college athletes admit to raping women: US poll
An online survey of US college students has found that the majority of American male athletes admitted to “sexually coercing” or raping a female companion.

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