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Pakistan moves to ban plastic bags
Bans on plastic bags are spreading across Pakistan as the nation finally opens its eyes to once-charming landscapes and free-flowing drains choked by ugly and destructive plastic.
Google moves to curb gender bias in translation
Google said on Thursday it was tweaking its translation application with the goal of reducing gender bias.
Researchers create a 3D-printed smart gel that walks underwater, moves objects
Engineers from Rutgers University-New Brunswick have created a 3D-printed smart gel that walks underwater and grabs objects and moves them.
Google moves toward quantum supremacy with 72-qubit computer
Researchers from Google are testing a quantum computer with 72 quantum bits, or qubits, scientists reported at a meeting of the American Physical Society — a big step up from the company’s previous nine-qubit chip.
Qassemi: Iran reserves right to respond to US anti-Iran moves
Iran’s Foreign Ministry said Tehran reserves the right for itself to respond to US measures against the Islamic Republic.
New graphene robot moves in response to changes in humidity
Scientists in China have designed a graphene robot that moves in response to changes in humidity.
Iran urges Islamic states to confront Zionist moves
Palestine Intifada Conference Secretary General Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said Tehran’s consideration of Egypt's role in the restoration of the rights of the Palestinian people reminds the need for Islamic countries to confront the expansionist aims of Zionist regime.
Liver disease gene therapy moves on to human testing
Liver-directed gene therapy using adeno-associated viral, or AAV, vectors to treat diseases like hemophilia have moved on to human testing.
Larijani denounces US Congress moves against Iran
Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani denounced the US Congress for the introduction of a raft of measures against the Islamic Republic, stating that Tehran will use everything at its disposal to retaliate against any anti-Iran moves.
EEU moves closer to launching free trade zone with Iran
The Eurasian Economic Commission's (EEC) trade minister said on Wednesday that the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) is expected to hold informal meetings in June to study the possibility of forming a free trade zone with Iran.
Niger moves 99 schools out of Boko Haram's way
The United Nations (UN) says 99 schools have been moved to "safer zones" by the Niger government and UN staff since November to protect them from the Takfiri Boko Haram terrorist group.
US House moves to limit JCPOA implementation
The Foreign Affairs Committee in the US House of Representatives has approved a bill that would limit President Barack Obama’s ability to lift Iran sanctions as planned under the nuclear agreement with Tehran.
Iran advises Saudi to stop 'hasty' and 'irrational' moves
Iran’s First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri has called on Saudi officials to stop taking “hasty” and “irrational” measures, in the wake of Riyadh’s decision to sever diplomatic ties with Tehran.
US moves 12 jets from Turkish base to Britain
The United States military announced it started withdrawing a dozen fighter jets from an air base in Turkey almost a month after a Turkish air force plane shot down a Russian jet near the Syrian border.
US moves tanks, heavy artillery across Europe to deter Russia threats
US Marines stationed in Bulgaria are expected to receive tanks and heavy artillery as part of efforts to move military equipment across the continent to Eastern Europe to deter alleged threats from Russia, according to a report.

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