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Mysteries of Haraz Road to Mazandaran Province
Beautiful Haraz Road from Tehran to the northern city of Amol, Mazandaran Province has been situated in an excellent rocky district in center of Alborz Range of Mountains has mysteries along the coasts of the Caspian Sea.
One of Sun's biggest mysteries just solved
The waxing and waning of sunspots form part of our Sun's natural cycle, but it's a phenomenon astronomers still don't fully understand. Now, new research has revealed that particular "terminator" events are what brings sunspot cycles to an end, and it means we could get better at predicting them.
Expedition heads for Antarctica to unlock frozen mysteries
An expedition to Antarctica is underway, hoping to gain new insight into the effects of global warming and discover what remains of an historic polar journey.
Scientists shed light on one of biggest mysteries behind brain inflammation
A recent study is clarifying the interactions between cannabinoid receptors and immune cells in the brain. The work brings new understanding regarding inflammation and loss of brain cells.
Astronomers assemble 'light-fingerprints' to unveil mysteries of the cosmos
Earthbound detectives rely on fingerprints to solve their cases; now astronomers can do the same, using ‘light-fingerprints’ instead of skin grooves to uncover the mysteries of exoplanets.
Mysteries of elephant sleep revealed
Wild African elephants sleep for the shortest time of any mammal, according to a study.
Trail of eDNA helps uncover mysteries of Alaska wildlife
Imagine exploring a wooded site along an Alaska stream or lake for evidence of animals. Maybe you'll see moose prints in the soil or a bit of wolf fur in a berry bush. But some species don't leave footprints. They still leave a clue. It's their DNA.
Mysteries of wound healing unlocked
Researchers at the University of Arizona have discovered what causes and regulates collective cell migration, one of the most universal but least understood biological processes in all living organisms.

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