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Iranian researchers produce hybrid nano fuel
Researchers at Iran’s Materials and Energy Research Center (MERC) for the first time in the country developed a new method to decrease fuel consumption at refineries and power plants.
INIC to organize nanotech festival in October
The 12th International Nanotechnology Festival, Iran’s largest nanotech exhibition, will be held early October, showcasing the latest achievements in various nanotechnology fields.
Iran’s nano-products exports booming
An Iranian company exported as many as 70 tons of nano-towels in 2018 to neighboring countries, including Georgia, Iraq, and Azerbaijan.
Iranian engineers to cooperate with Airbus to raise plane efficiency with nano-coatings
Iranian researchers at the University of Tehran found a method, using nano-coatings, to increase the efficiency of aircraft, and plan to test it in large scale in cooperation with Airbus company.
Nano-fibers material kills pathogens rapidly, day and night
Scientists have developed highly efficient bacteria- and virus-killing material that may someday be integrated into personal protective equipment (PPE) for further preventing the outbreak of emerging infectious diseases.
Iran's nano products exported to 18 countries
Iran has exported nanotechnology products to 18 countries, announced the secretary of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) on Sunday.
Nano products exported to 17 countries
Export of Iran's nano-products to 17 countries was valued at $35 million in the year to March 19, announced the secretary for Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council affiliated to the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, on Thursday.
New nano-movies show crystal structures changing in real time
Scientists have found a way to film crystal structures morphing in real time.
'Nano scalpel' allows scientists to manipulate materials with nanometer precision
For German researchers, the new Focused Ion Beam microscope serves as both magnifier and milling machine.
Nanostructures grown on fabric can mop up oil spills
Oil spills at sea, on the land and in your own kitchen could one day easily be mopped up with a new multipurpose fabric covered with semi-conducting nanostructures, developed by a team of researchers from QUT, CSIRO and RMIT.
New way to cut CO2
A group of researchers from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill have devised a generalizable technique for making copper nanoparticles that are of a uniform size and dispersion on a polymeric thin film for the electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide.
Nano filters help better combustion in cars
An Iranian knowledge-based company has developed a type of nano filter which significantly improves engine performance and fuel combustion.
Iran ranks 7th in nano-science production
Iran ranked seventh in the world ranking of nano-science production in 2014.
Iran builds resistant nanocomposite for railroads
Iranian researchers have designed a nanocomposite with a desirable mechanical and resistance properties, which can be used for different purposes, including construction of insulated parts in railroads.

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