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Researchers use ocean muck to study ancient monsoons
The southwestern monsoon has swept across the landscape every summer as far back as the last ice age, when mammoths roamed the continent and ice sheets edged below what is now the Canadian border, according to a newly released study by University of Arizona researchers.
How much longer will Southern Ocean slow climate change?
The gigantic carbon sink below New Zealand that is the Southern Ocean might come to quicken the effects of climate change, due to a worrying feedback loop just identified by scientists.
Ocean current changes could alter Irish climate for two decades
A weakening of major ocean currents in the Northern Atlantic, including the Gulf Stream that warms Ireland, could trigger a sudden change to Ireland’s climate that could last for two decades, Irish scientists warned.
Study reveals missing drivers of ocean deoxygenation
Over the last 50 years, the amount of oxygen in the world's oceans has declined by two percent. Models designed to simulate the phenomenon, however, have failed to reproduce such significant losses.
Plumes of ocean spray emanating from Jupiter's moon Europa
New research offers additional evidence of plumes emanating from Europa's subsurface ocean.
Shift in ocean circulation triggered the end of the last ice age
The end of the last ice age was precipitated by a shift in the circulation of the North Pacific Ocean some 15,000 years ago.
Silent robots listen to ocean winds
Scientists are using small submersible robots to listen to the wind out at sea.
Scientists build an 'alien' ocean on Earth
An ‘alien’ ocean has been built on Earth by researchers. The simulation of another world could help us explore more of our solar system and understand the strange worlds that lurk within it.
Plastic pollution: Scientists' plea on threat to ocean giants
Scientists are calling for research on the impacts of microplastics on whales, sharks and rays that strain tiny food, like plankton, out of seawater.
Heat beneath Pacific Ocean drives Yellowstone volcanism: Research
A simple mantle plume can't account for the size and complexity of the volcanic system beneath the western US.
Chabahar only bridge between Indian Ocean countries, Central Asia
Iran's Chabahar Free Trade Zone (CFTZ), as a strategic point in the world, is the only link between Indian Ocean littoral states and Central Asia, as well as a part of Europe, said the head of the zone.
Deoxygenation: Another threat to the ocean
As another massive ‘dead zone’ forms in the Gulf of Mexico, other patches of low-oxygen waters are expanding elsewhere in the ocean, threatening marine ecosystems as climate change accelerates.
Researchers identify DNA left by ocean animals to survey marine ecosystems
Researchers have shown genetic clues left behind in shed cells, tissues, scales and feces by ocean animals can be used as forensic markers to accurately and easily survey marine life in complex deep-water environments.
Lightning more powerful over ocean than land
People who live and work along coasts and coastlines everywhere may be more likely to experience a super-charged lightning strike, according to new research from Florida Institute of Technology that shows lightning can be much more powerful over the ocean than land.
Sneakers made out of algae help keep the ocean clean
Algae-based foams clean the water and reduce carbon emissions.

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