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'Blue finance' hopes to put oceans on a sustainable path
The world's oceans are set to become an increasingly vital resource for helping the planet cope with soaring population growth, but officials are only beginning to craft regulatory frameworks that would ensure "blue financing" goes where it's needed most.
Climate change could turn oceans from friend to foe, UN report warns
Global warming and pollution caused by humanity's carbon-heavy footprint are ravaging Earth's oceans and icy regions in ways that could unleash misery on a global scale, a landmark UN report to be unveiled next week will warn.
Oceans turning from friend to foe, warns UN climate report
The same oceans that nourished human evolution are poised to unleash misery on a global scale unless the carbon pollution destabilizing Earth's marine environment is brought to heel, warns a draft UN report.
Actor Javier Bardem urges UN delegates to protect oceans
Spanish actor and environmental activist Javier Bardem said Monday ‘we are all villains’ for playing ‘deaf and blind’ and not caring about the world’s oceans, which are under more pressure than at any time in history.
Oceans might see twice human impacts in future
In the recent decade, the total human impacts on the world's oceans have nearly doubled and could double again in the next decade without adequate action, suggest researchers.
Why oceans are the reason we are able to breathe
June 08 is World Oceans Day which is observed to spread awareness about the role these massive water bodies play in keep conditions in the planet conducive to life.
Seychelles president’s underwater speech: Protect our oceans
In a striking speech delivered from deep below the ocean’s surface, the Seychelles president on Sunday made a global plea for stronger protection of the “beating blue heart of our planet.”
It's not just the oceans: Microplastic pollution is all around us
Chances are you've seen the photos of dead seabirds, their stomachs filled with scraps of plastic foraged from beaches and oceans around the world.
World’s oceans rise to hottest ever recorded ‘by far’
The world’s oceans rose to the highest temperatures ever recorded by far in 2017, scientists have warned.
New efforts announced at COP23 for oceans, transport, cities
Cities, the transport sector and ocean advocates today announced a number of new initiatives to push for further, faster climate action, at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 23) in Bonn, Germany.
Almost 90% of the world's oceans will be hotter by 2050
We are set to put 86 percent of the world's oceans under the combined stress of higher temperatures and ocean acidification by 2050.
Scientists plan to bring back Mars' oceans
Mars isn't particularly habitable to humans at the moment, but NASA's latest brainstorm could one day bring back the planet's beaches — or at least some of its oceans, Engadget reported.
Nagoya Oceans beats Tasisat Daryaei in penalty shootouts in quarterfinals
Serginho scored the winning spot kick as Nagoya Oceans upset the odds to defeat defending champion Tasisat Daryaei of Iran 3-2 on penalties after the sides had played out a thrilling 2-2 draw in the AFC Futsal Club Championship on Tuesday.
Octopus, squid and cuttlefish numbers boom in changing oceans
A surprising 60-year boom in global octopus, squid and cuttlefish numbers points to long-term changes taking place in the world's oceans, scientists say.

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