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US physicians more likely to prescribe opioids if they received gifts from pharma companies
US physicians who received gifts from pharmaceutical companies related to opioid medications were more likely to prescribe opioids to their patients the following year, compared to physicians who did not receive such gifts, according to a new analysis led by health policy scientists at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health.
Study: US teens still commonly prescribed opioids
Opioid prescriptions remain common for teens and young adults in the US, a new study found.
US parents worried about risks, still think opioids are best for kids' pain relief
Headlines filled with frightening news of opioid abuse, overdoses and reports that 90 percent of addictions start in the teen years could make any parent worry. Yet parents remain conflicted about opioids: While more than half express concern their child may be at risk for opioid addiction, nearly two-thirds believe opioids are more effective at managing their child's pain after surgery or a broken bone than non-prescription medication or other alternatives, according to a nationwide survey commissioned by the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA).
For elderly, opioids tied to higher risk of fall-related injuries and deaths
Elderly people who are prescribed opioids may be at higher risk for injuries from falls, some of which may be fatal, a Canadian analysis of trauma cases suggested.
Some doctors still prescribe too many opioids
A report out from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that use of these highly addictive narcotic pain meds dropped in the last few years. But a closer look at the numbers in the CDC study reveals another, more troubling trend: Some doctors are still overprescribing opioids, which puts lives at risk.
One in five weight-loss surgery patients get hooked on opioids
One in five adults who undergo weight-loss surgery will get hooked on prescription painkillers for years after, alarming new statistics showed.
Opioids not ideal for sickle cell patients' pain management
Opioid painkillers are slowly being questioned as the best option for pain management as studies suggest they may prolong pain or make it worse, and a new study suggests the drugs may not be the best option for sickle cell disease patients who often experience excruciating pain.

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