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US Blue Origin signs launch deal with Canada's Telesat
Jeff Bezos’ rocket company, Blue Origin, signed a deal with Canada’s Telesat to launch part of a satellite constellation aimed at providing speedy Internet access to governments and businesses globally, the companies said on Thursday.
Indian-origin startup has built over 800,000 robot workers
Robots are going to make up a huge chunk of the workforce over the next couple of decades, taking away repetitive and menial work away from human workers, and freeing them up for other qualitative applications.
Ancient tools found in North Africa could 'rewrite human origin story'
The story of humankind may need some editing.
Being human: Big toe clung on longest to primate origins
Scientists have found that our big toe was one of the last parts of the foot to evolve, a study suggested.
New insight into origin of Tycho's supernova
An international team of scientists from the US, Australia and Germany have offered new insights into the origins of Tycho's supernova.
Experiments call origin of Earth's iron into question
New research from The University of Texas at Austin reveals that the Earth's unique iron composition isn't linked to the formation of the planet's core, calling into question a prevailing theory about the events that shaped our planet during its earliest years.
Origin of minor planets' rings revealed
A team of researchers has clarified the origin of the rings recently discovered around two minor planets known as centaurs, and their results suggest the existence of rings around other centaurs.
True origin of most isolated animal on Earth discovered
A tiny species of fish can claim some of the most unenviable of all records.
Iran origin of lusterware
By Fatemeh Shokri & Atefeh Rezvan-Nia
Deeper insight into the origin of life phenomenon mystery
University of Akron polymer scientist has provided a deeper insight into the origin of life phenomenon mystery. The new finding emphasizes that Mother Nature's inner workings might not be as complex as previously thought.

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