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'It's not Manchester United football club any more': Ex-defender slams ownership, transfer chaos
Former Manchester United defender Paul Parker heavily criticized the way that the club is “discriminated” against from within, saying it is hardly even a football club any more.
Iraq recovers million dollars' worth property
The Iraqi government said Wednesday it had retaken ownership of a piece of property in Baghdad worth millions of dollars after it was unlawfully sold to a government official's wife.
Social housing to provide same emotional benefits as home ownership
New research from the University of Birmingham and VIVID Housing Association has found for the first time a link between well-being and housing tenure — with social renters more likely than homeowners to have lower levels of anxiety.
Fear of crime, general sense of danger drives gun ownership
Studies by the University of Groningen, The Netherlands and the University of Maryland suggested differing motivations behind handgun and shotgun ownership.
World's oldest ownership document prepared in Kurdestan
The oldest ownership document of property in the world dating back to the Arsacid Empire era (247BCE-224CE) has been prepared in Hawraman (Oraman) region, western province of Kurdestan, said Sanandaj Governor Mohammad-Ebrahim Zarei.
Activists urge restrictions on tiger ownership
Activists are calling for restrictions on who can own exotic animals in the US amid claims that species such as tigers are being mistreated.
Many Britons give up on home ownership
Middle class families are giving up their dreams of home ownership as soaring costs and a lack of supply price millions out of the property market, according to Bank of England research.

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