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Say goodbye to knee pain with these effective remedies
Knee pain is very common and can be caused by lots of things, from arthritis to injury. The problem could be in the joints themselves, or indicate an issue with the tendons (the cords that attach muscle to bone) or ligaments (which connect the thigh bone to the lower leg bones to stabilize the knee).
Immersion in virtual reality scenes of the Arctic helps to ease people's pain
Watching immersive 360 videos of icy Arctic scenes helps to relieve intense burning pain and could hold hope for treating chronic pain, a small study has found.
Scientists shed light on how brains turn pain up or down
Pain perception is essential for survival, but how much something hurts can sometimes be amplified or suppressed: For example, soldiers who sustain an injury in battle often recall not feeling anything at the time.
Fish do feel pain, study confirms
A new review carried out at Liverpool University shows there is very little doubt that fish do experience pain — although whether they experience it in the same way as mammals is less clear.
Violence in mental health can't be ignored,  but nor can the pain of punitive policies
When Anna* became physically unwell as a student, her GP referred her to a psychiatrist and she agreed to voluntary treatment. After interviewing her for less than an hour, the psychiatrist diagnosed her with schizophrenia and told her there was a risk she would kill her mother.
Euro area growth momentum slides as industry pain overwhelms
Economic activity in the euro area’s private sector weakened further as still-solid services couldn’t make up for rapidly deteriorating manufacturing.
Suicidal thoughts related to pain in one in 10 patients with RMDs
The results of a survey presented at the Annual European Congress of Rheumatology (EULAR 2019) highlight the significant impact of rheumatic or musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs) on mental health and a worrying lack of psychological care.
Position parents shouldn't let their kids sit in as it could cause lifetime of pain
Parents should stop their children sitting in the 'W' position as it could cause them a lifetime of pain, experts warned.
Pain medication could be linked to suicide risk
US healthcare providers have been reducing the amount of opioids being prescribed to patients and that could be leading people to consider suicide.
Voice messaging – conversational gain or pain?
Trawl through social media or simply have the misfortune to be friends with an early adopter of tech trends and you will see that the next big form of communication is upon us.
Fibromyalgia — five health conditions that could be linked to your widespread pain
Fibromyalgia symptoms can include pain, aches, heightened sensitivity, and burning sensations. But, your fibromyalgia may be linked to a number of other health conditions.
Arthritis symptoms: Add five foods to your diet to slash joint pain
Arthritis pain affects about 10 million people in the UK. Symptoms — including joint pain and inflammation — could be reduced by adding these five foods to your diet.
Rocker bottom shoes help reduce chronic low back pain
A new study confirmed that rocker bottom shoes helps strengthen back muscles, improving the spine's curvature and thus reducing low back pain.
The best exercises to lower arthritis pain
Arthritis pain affects about 10 million people in the UK, according to the National Health Service (NHS). These are the best exercises to reduce and prevent joint pain and inflammation.
Losing weight eases obesity-related pain
Losing 10 percent of your body weight appears to reduce pain related to obesity, even in non-weight-bearing areas, a new study found.

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