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Record world champion Vogel ready for new life after crash
World and Olympic champion Kristina Vogel, who was paralyzed following a training crash in June, said on Wednesday she was ready to tackle her new life but has had no contact with the Dutch rider involved in the collision.
Brain chips help paralyzed man regain sense of touch using robotic arm
Picking up a delicate piece of cake is very different from picking up a sturdy box of cake mix. And that owes to your sense of touch — you know from touching each that one is much more fragile than the other.
Paralyzed man moves arm with a brain implant and a bypass
Ian Burkhart is paralyzed from the chest down. But he can pick up a credit card and swipe it. He can pick up a bottle and pour. And he can do it all just by thinking about it, NBC News wrote.
Paralyzed man walks using technology bypassing spinal cord
A paralyzed 26-year-old man has walked for the first time in five years, thanks to an electrical system that connects his brain and legs, bypassing his injured spine, researchers are reporting.

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