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Dinosaurs had feathers ruffled by parasites, study finds
Dinosaurs may have been fearsome and intimidating creatures that dominated the prehistoric Earth — but it did not stop them having their feathers ruffled by parasites, researchers have found.
Global warming, rising seas may encourage parasites
A study of ancient clam fossils suggests rising seas could once again encourage parasite infestations in brackish water ecosystems.
Climate change could kill off parasites, destabilizing ecosystems
Photogenic animals, from polar bears to people, aren't the only creatures under threat from global climate change.
Letting parasites fight could help battle drug resistance, too
Taking advantage of malaria strains battling each other could let doctors treat patients without encouraging more drug resistance, a lab test in mice suggests.
Sunflower pollen protects bees from parasites
Sunflower pollen specialization has evolved multiple times among bee species, which is odd, because studies show bees fed an all sunflower pollen diet exhibited stunted development.
Immune cells in skin remember, defend against parasites
Just as the brain forms memories of familiar faces, the immune system remembers pathogens it has encountered in the past. T cells with these memories circulate in the blood stream looking for sites of new infection.
Tracking parasites with satellites
Scientists are teaming up to use satellite data to target deadly parasites to help predict patterns of parasitic diseases such as malaria, worms and hydatids.

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