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How Neolithic people adapted to climate change
Research led by the University of Bristol has uncovered evidence that early farmers were adapting to climate change 8,200 years ago.
Obese people may carry flu virus for longer time
New research shows that people who have obesity may carry the influenza A virus for longer periods of time than those who do not have obesity.
US has killed over 20 million people since World War ll: Analyst
The United States has been the biggest violator of human rights since World War ll, directly leading to the death of over 20 million people in the past 70 years, says an American political analyst in Virginia.
Forty percent of people have a fictional first memory, says study
Researchers have conducted one of the largest surveys of people's first memories, finding that nearly 40 percent of people had a first memory which is fictional.
Flooding kills 49 in Nigeria, 20 others missing
Flooding caused by torrential rains on Nigeria's border with Niger has left 49 people dead and another 20 missing, the emergency services said on Tuesday.
People celebrate as Syrian army purges more towns of terrorists
The Syrian army has liberated several towns and villages from the grip of Takfiri terrorists in the strategic southern Dara'a Province, with locals rejoicing at the restoration of government control over the region.
People in Uganda have to pay tax to use social media
The Ugandan government has imposed taxes on social media to raise money for the country and to avoid donor aid, a lawmaker told CNN.
Social welfare not enough to keep people out of poverty
Current social welfare rates are not sufficient to keep Irish people out of poverty, even after the latest budget increases, a new report said.
WHA unveils ambitious health targets to benefit 3b people
The World Health Assembly (WHA) unveiled an ambitious plan aiming to benefit an overall population of three billion globally for the next five years with better health care and well-being.
Removing shoes when entering house could help people stay slim
Removing shoes when entering the house and swapping carpet for wooden floors could help people stay slim because it prevents environmental chemicals accumulating in the house, scientists have claimed.
Use of online banking by people over 60
Experts from the Economics and Business Institute at the University of Seville have just published a study of the use of online banking by the over-60s, which shows that the digital divide of these users, far from being linked strictly to age, is more connected to psychographic characteristics, such as perceived self-sufficiency, anxiety levels, and the influence of social groups.
Gohar Tappeh: Burial site of ancient people
Gohar Tappeh, an ancient hill near Sari-Behshahr Road in Iran’s Mazandaran Province, is one of the prehistoric sites of northern Iran.
Around a million fewer UK people moved house in 2000s than in 1970s
Around a million fewer UK people moved house in the 2000s than in the 1970s and it is mostly due to an ageing population, changes in the housing market and altered attitudes, a Queen's University Belfast researcher has found.

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