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Back to school for French kids... without their phones
Texting under the table should be a thing of the past when French children return to class Monday following a nationwide ban on mobile phones in schools.
Prisoners in England face fresh crackdown on drugs, violence, phones
Prisoners in England are to face a fresh crackdown on drugs, violence and smuggled mobile phones as part of a £10-million drive to turn around 10 of the worst-performing jails in the country.
France bans smartphones from schools
French children will have to leave their smartphones and smart devices at home or switched off when they are at school starting in September.
Research: Using phones during lectures affects examination grades
Checking smartphones or tablets for non-academic purposes during lectures can lower your grades in the end term examination, suggested a new research.
Radiation from cell phones, WiFi hurting birds, bees
Technology is quite literally destroying nature, with a new report further confirming that electromagnetic radiation from power lines and cell towers can disorientate birds and insects and destroy plant health. The paper warns that as nations switch to 5G this threat could increase.
Hidden value in phones could ‘cut US trade deficit in half’
The US trade deficit could technically be halved if statisticians were better able to capture the value of the software developed in Silicon Valley and embedded in smartphones worldwide, according to Hal Varian, Google’s chief economist.
What mobile phones mean for refugees
What do refugees use their mobile phones for? And what does it mean for aid workers in reception camps? The Leiden Center for Innovation studied this issue together with researchers from Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and Data & Society.
Light from mobile phones, street lights could up cancer risk
Reigniting the debate over exposure to the ‘blue light’ emitted by outdoor LED screens and heightened risk of cancer, an international team of researchers have concluded that there is a ‘strong link’ between the two.
Afghans to get free access to Wikipedia on their phones
People in Afghanistan are set for greater access to the Internet and free information, thanks to a new partnership between a local telecommunications company and the Wikimedia Foundation.
Trump accuses Obama of tapping his phones
US President Donald Trump on Saturday accused former president Barack Obama of tapping his telephones during last year's election, lodging a startling allegation of abuse of power without evidence or explanation.
Mobile phones to get their own built-in fire extinguishers
A lithium-ion battery has been designed which has a built-in fire extinguisher that is able to able to put out a blaze in less than a second.
Mobile phones could become virtually useless in cars
In the future you may not be able to use a mobile phone in a moving car.
Smart phones use in the spotlight
People use their smart phones for an average of five hours a day — about a third of the time they are awake — and check the about 85 times a day, research suggests.
Mobile phones 'transforming' Africa
The rapid spread of mobile phones across Sub-Saharan Africa is transforming the region, but record levels of growth are due to slow sharply, an industry report said.
Daesh Takfiris arrests 127 Iraqi civilians for using cell phones
Members of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group have reportedly detained more than 100 civilians in Iraq’s beleaguered northern province of Nineveh, as they continue committing crimes in the areas under their control.

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