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Iran pioneer in screening of children
Deputy minister of Iranian Ministry of Education in elementary education said Iran is among pioneers of screening of children.
Shenzhen, China's reform pioneer, leads tech revolution
The southern city of Shenzhen is the symbol of the transformative reforms launched by China 40 years ago: Former fishing villages that morphed into a global manufacturing hub.
Mushfir: Iran, a pioneer in Qur'anic activities
Head of the National Qur'an Association of Tunisia has lauded the Islamic Republic of Iran as a pioneering country in Qur'anic activities.
Canada's smartphone pioneer to stop making Classic model
Canadian smartphone pioneer Blackberry said it will stop making its Classic model smartphone as part of its effort to modernize its lineup.
HIV pioneer: Science won't stop until it beats AIDS
More than 30 years after she identified one of the most pernicious viruses to infect humankind, Francoise Barre Sinoussi, who shared a Nobel prize for discovering HIV, is hanging up her lab coat and retiring.
Iranian pioneer of artificial heart expounds on achievement
There are still a few people who do not know the Iranian inventor of the first implantable artificial heart, Tofiq Mousivand. He holds a PhD degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Akron in Ohio, in the US. Currently he is the director of the Cardiovascular Devices Division of Ottawa University’s Heart Institute, Canada.
Iran, pioneer in building all kinds of vessels: Official
The Islamic Republic of Iran is among the pioneers in building all types of vessels and other maritime structures, despite the sanctions imposed on it over its peaceful nuclear program.
Official: Iran, pioneer in building all kinds of vessels
The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the pioneering countries in the field of building all kinds of ships and other maritime structures, despite sanctions imposed on the country over its peaceful nuclear program.
Iranians pioneer in treating heart diseases
Iran is among the top 10 countries in treating cardiovascular diseases, while it ranks first in the Middle East, announced the secretary of Iranian Atherosclerosis Society.

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