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How did plants conquer land? These humble algae hold clues
If you’ve ever noticed a slimy film of algae on a rock, chances are you didn’t pay it much attention. But some of these overlooked species hold clues to one of the greatest mysteries of evolution, scientists have found: How plants arrived on land.
China to impose new restrictions on small hydro plants
China will ban the construction of small hydropower plants in regions that already have an electricity surplus and encourage new dams in poor and remote locations with little grid access, its energy regulator said in proposals published on Wednesday.
As Delhi chokes, power plants are set to miss emissions deadline
Ten coal-fired power plants near India’s capital of New Delhi are poised to miss a December deadline to install pollution control devices that would have curbed premature deaths linked to toxic emissions.
Plants enter a type of 'panic' state when it rains, study finds
Just like us, plants need water to survive, but that doesn't mean these leafy greens enjoy a downpour any more than we do.
Game changer: New chemical keeps plants plump
A UC Riverside-led team has created a chemical to help plants hold onto water, which could stem the tide of massive annual crop losses from drought and help farmers grow food despite a changing climate.
Last year’s extreme snowfall wiped breeding of plants, animals in a region of Arctic
Last year, just a handful of plants and animals in Zackenberg, Northeast Greenland were able to reproduce due to vast amounts of un-melted snow covering the ground well into summer, a study by Danish researchers found.
Germany to offer utilities less cash to close coal plants
Germany’s government has allocated less money in its budget for closing coal-fired power plants than the utilities that own them expect.
Meat-eating plants making a comeback in England
Endangered carnivorous plants are being reintroduced to parts of England in an attempt to reverse their decline.
Animals, plants disappearing faster than at any other time in human history
A landmark report that assessed the state of the world’s biodiversity was published earlier this week, which gave a grim account of the significant dangers facing plants and animals across the globe.
Study: Plants can cultivate different root microbes for better growth
Scientists from Chinese, Belgian and British research organizations found that plants could release different chemicals to cultivate microbes around their roots to suit its own purposes.
MP Habousi: Half of Iraqi power plants to shut down without Iran's gas
If Iraq's waiver for importing gas from Iran is not renewed, half of the country's natural gas power plants will shut down in the summer, said a member of the trade committee of the Iraqi parliament.
Study: Coal ash contaminates groundwater near most US coal plants
More than 90 percent of US coal-fired power plants that are required to monitor groundwater near their coal ash dumps show unsafe levels of toxic metals, according to a study released on Monday by environmental groups, which cited the potential harm to drinking water.
Pelletizing, rebar production plants become operational in western Iran
A pelletizing plant as well as a rebar production factory were inaugurated in the western Iranian province of Hamedan by First Vice President Es'haq Jahangiri on Tuesday.

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