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UK Plastic recycling industry's problems costing councils up to £500,000 a year
Major problems in the plastic recycling industry are costing local councils in England up to £500,000 extra a year, as they struggle to deal with the continuing fallout from import bans imposed by countries who are no longer able to take the UK’s waste, reported.
Plastic bottle washes up looking 'almost new' after nearly 50 years
A plastic washing-up bottle that is at least 47 years old has been found washed up on a beach in the UK with its lettering and messaging still clear, prompting warnings about the enduring problem of plastic waste.
All the plastic you can and cannot recycle
Most people are trying their best to recycle plastic — but the many different ways in which recycling is collected by different councils across the UK has left people confused.
California to limit use of plastic straws in restaurants
California restaurants will soon stop providing plastic straws unless customers explicitly ask for them, under a new law signed on Thursday by the state's environment-friendly governor.
Half of dead baby turtles have stomachs full of plastic
Baby sea turtles are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of plastic pollution, according to a new study which found around half of the recently hatched reptiles had stomachs full of plastic.
Plastic waste set to beat price as UK shoppers' top concern
The number one issue for British shoppers in the next decade will be to reduce packaging and use more recyclable materials, according to new research.
Massive plastic-cleaning device headed out to Great Pacific Garbage Patch
It's finally in the water. For five years now, The Ocean Cleanup, an organization founded by 24-year-old Dutch innovator Boyan Slat, has been trying to create a system that can clean plastic out of the world's oceans.
France to set penalties on non-recycled plastic next year
France plans to introduce a penalty system that would increase the costs of consumer goods with packaging made of non-recycled plastic, part of a pledge to use only recycled plastic nationwide by 2025, an environment ministry official said.
LGA: Plastic food pots, trays often unrecyclable
Most of the plastic food containers that householders wash out after use and put in the recycling bin cannot actually be recycled, it has emerged.
Cutlery you can eat
Plastic cutlery is a major contributor to the growing plastic waste crisis. An estimated 40 billion plastic utensils are used and thrown away each year in the United States alone.
Environment secretary: Plastic bag usage cut by 86% in UK since 5p charge
Plastic bag sales have fallen by a phenomenal 86 percent in the UK since the five pence plastic bag charge was introduced, according to new figures released by the British environment secretary.
Can Norway help us solve the plastic crisis, one bottle at a time?
Tens of thousands of brightly colored plastic drinks bottles tumble from the back of a truck on to a conveyor belt before disappearing slowly inside a warehouse on the outskirts of Oslo.
Plastic is light, versatile and here to stay — for now
Because of their role in global pollution, plastics are hugely controversial. But the resilient, supple, light and malleable materials play a key role in our lives and, according to experts, will remain crucial for a long time to come. Here are a few things to know about the world of plastic, reported.
Marine plastic: Hundreds of fragments in dead seabirds
New footage of the devastating impact of plastic pollution on wildlife has been captured by a BBC team.

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