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Tighter climate policies could erase $2.3 trillion in companies value: Report
Tighter government climate regulations by 2025 could wipe up to $2.3 trillion off the value of companies in industries ranging from fossil fuel producers to agriculture and car makers, an investor group warned in a report.
Israel to construct over 250 new settler units in occupied West Bank
Ignoring the international outcry against its settlement expansion policies, the Israeli regime is planning to build 251 new settler units in the occupied West Bank.
Democrats seek to exploit farmers' pain over Trump policies
US Democratic presidential candidates are exploiting frustration within America’s Farm Belt with President Donald Trump's economic agenda, a region whose overwhelming support helped Trump get elected in 2016.
Who are the beneficiaries of the proposed tax and spending policies of Messers Johnson and hunt?
Who are the beneficiaries of the proposed tax and spending policies of Messers Johnson and hunt? While we have been consistently and persistently bombarded by stories of the notorious impropriety and moral turpitude of the various candidates for the Tory leadership, the next helmsman of Her Majesties Government, very little has been mentioned regarding the most important of issues, namely, what are the proposed tax and spending policies of these same said candidates?
Businesses showing discontent with Trump’s trade policies
US President Donald Trump’s aggressive and wildly unpredictable use of tariffs is spooking American business groups, which have long formed a potent force in his Republican Party.
Trump policies on refugees sign of US 'self-cannibalization': Expert
Political commentator Ramiro Funez says the latest move by the Trump administration toward migrants is another sign of self-cannibalization of US political and economic systems from within.
Londoners vent their anger over Trump's foreign policies
Demonstrators in London are venting their anger over Trump's foreign policies, including his recent remarks on Britain’s domestic issues.
Thousands of Argentines protest violence against women
Thousands took to the streets of Buenos Aires on Monday (June 3) for the capital’s annual march against gender-based violence.
Israel's land grab policies obstacle to peace: EU
The European Union has denounced as “illegal” Israel’s settlement activities on occupied Palestinian territories, saying that the Tel Aviv regime's land grab policy is an obstacle to peace.
World community has had enough of unilateral US policies: Iranian official
A senior Iranian official says the international community has grown sick and tired of America's unilateralism, and that world nations such as China and Russia as well as Washington's own European allies have today chosen to stand up to the US.
India Environment Ministry framed key policies, dealt with controversies in 2018
India’s Environment Ministry in 2018 finalized a nationwide plan to curb air pollution, notified new rules governing the country’s coastlines and proposed prohibition of use of animals in circuses besides engaging ‘constructively’ in the crucial climate summit at Poland.
UK housing secretary admits government policies led to rise in homelessness
Britain's housing secretary has admitted that the UK government’s social welfare policies have played a role in the rising rate of homelessness, appearing to backtrack on a statement he made earlier this month.
US sanctions will fail to change Iran policies: FM Zarif
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says economic sanctions imposed by the United States against Iran will fail to have any impact on the policies of the Islamic Republic at home or abroad.
US Senate defies Trump on Saudi war amid Khashoggi fallout
The Republican-controlled US Senate is defying President Donald Trump’s pro-Saudi policies by advancing a bipartisan bid to end the country’s support for the war on Yemen amid tensions over Jamal Khashoggi’s murder.
Thousands of Italians march against immigration policies in Rome
Thousands of people staged a rally in the Italian capital, Rome, to protest against racism and a proposed law on immigration.

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