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'Milestone' in polio eradication achieved
The second of three forms of the polio virus has been eradicated, experts have announced.
25% increase in refusals recorded during anti-polio drive in Islamabad
After a campaign launched against polio vaccinations on social media, a 25 percent increase in refusals was recorded during the recent polio campaign in the federal capital, which started Dec. 10.
WHO says spread of polio remains international health emergency
The spread of polio must still be classified as a public health emergency because, while progress has been made towards wiping out the disease, that progress is fragile, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.
last stumbling block in worldwide fight to eradicate polio
Since 2000, nearly three billion children around the world have been given more than 10 billion doses of oral polio vaccine.
Vaccine switched in 'milestone' towards ending polio
More than 150 countries have begun switching to a different polio vaccine ― an important milestone towards polio eradication, health campaigners say.
WHO hopes to eradicate polio this year
An official says the World Health Organization (WHO) hopes to eradicate polio in 2016, after containing outbreaks in conflict-ridden Syria, Iraq and Somalia by immunizing millions of children over two years.
A milestone in Africa: No polio cases in a year
It has been one full year since no polio was detected anywhere in Africa, a significant milestone in global health that has left health experts around the world quietly celebrating.
WHO Assembly focuses on polio, health regulations, surgical care
Delegates at the World Health Assembly on Saturday agreed on a resolution in which Member States recommit to stopping polio and to preparing for the phased withdrawal of oral polio vaccines.
Pakistan arrests parents refusing polio vaccine
Pakistani authorities have conducted their first-ever mass arrest of parents for refusing to allow their children to be vaccinated against polio.
4 polio workers found dead in southwestern Pakistan
At least four members of a polio vaccination team have been found murdered in Pakistan’s southwestern province of Balochistan.
New synthetic polio vaccine in the pipeline
Scientists from the US and UK hope to create a wholly artificial and safe vaccine to combat polio by copying the viral genome.
New polio cases detected in Pakistan
Pakistani officials confirmed 4 new cases of polio in the country’s northwest as Islamabad struggles to overcome the notorious health crisis.

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