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Trump reaches career-high approval, yet faces a range of reelection risks: Poll
A new poll shows that US President Donald Trump is facing a range of reelection risks despite reaching the highest job approval rating of his tenure.
Trump faces a range of reelection risks: Poll
A new poll by ABC News and Washington Post shows that US President Donald Trump is facing a range of reelection risks despite reaching the highest job approval rating of his career.
Most Americans want major changes in the way US government works: Poll
The majority of Americans want fundamental changes in the way the US government works, after more than two years of Donald Trump’s presidency, according to a new survey.
Poll: Biden solidifies front-runner status with post-announcement bump
Former vice president Joe Biden's announcement of a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination earned him an 11-point polling bounce, leaving him head and shoulders above the rest of the Democratic candidates.
Poll: Brexit drives support for Scottish independence to 49%
Support for Scottish independence has risen to its highest point in the past four years, largely driven by voters who want to remain in the European Union, according to a poll published on Saturday, Reuters reported.
Poll shows Labour is surging in run-up to UK elections
Results of a bombshell poll released in the UK shows support for the ruling Conservative Party has plummeted significantly as the opposition Labour Party surges in the run-up to the upcoming local elections.
Most Americans say Trump has made US race relations worse: Poll
More than half of Americans say US President Donald Trump has made race relations worse during his time in office, and more than two-thirds believe it has become more common for people to say racist things since he was elected, according to a new survey.
Most Americans say US power will decline in future: Poll
A majority of Americans believe that the power and global influence of the United States will decline in the next 30 years, according to a new survey.
70% in US say country headed the wrong way: Poll
A large majority of people in the United States say America is headed the wrong way and are pessimistic about the state of the country, according to a new survey.
Poll: 23% of S. Korean singles say do not plan to have children
Nearly one out of four single South Koreans do not want to have babies, even after they marry, due to concerns over child-rearing costs, a survey showed on Tuesday.
Most Americans give poor marks to Trump: Poll
Most Americans give poor marks to US President Donald Trump’s work across a range of issues, yet broadly mistrust the opposition as well, according to a new poll.
Reuters poll: Taiwan's economy to slow in Q4 as falter
Taiwan’s economic growth probably slowed in the fourth quarter as the island’s technology exports were hit by softening global demand and fallout from the US-China trade war.
Kyodo News poll: 65% in Japan against passage of foreign workers’ bill
Some 65.8 percent of voters were against the Diet’s – Japan's bicameral legislature – passage earlier in the month of a bill to accept more foreign blue-collar workers into Japan from April, a Kyodo News poll showed Sunday.
Poll: Japan wants more foreign workers, but they may not want Japan
Days after Japan enacted a law introducing a foreign-worker program to bolster a labor force shrinking due to the aging population, a study showed it could struggle to compete with other developed countries to attract residents from overseas.
Democrats maintain lead among likely voters ahead of midterm: Poll
US congressional candidates from the Democratic Party continue to hold a double-digit lead over Republicans on the eve of the midterm elections, according to a new survey.

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