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City of London plans to cut speed limit to reduce pollution
The City of London Corporation, which runs London’s historic finance district, proposed a new, lower speed limit of 15 miles per hour and the closure of some streets at lunchtime in an effort to reduce air pollution.
Punjab minister calls for tackling environmental pollution
Punjab Minister for Environmental Protection Muhammad Rizwan said pollution has become a great challenge.
Pollution contributing to ‘thousands of lung cancers deaths in non-smokers'
Lung cancer is on the rise among people who have never smoked because of increasing exposure to toxic air, but doctors — and politicians — are unaware of the problem’s scale, experts warn.
Air pollution and climate change: Two sides of the same coin
Erupting volcanoes, earthquakes, dust storms and meteorites smashing into the Earth’s crust are natural phenomena that can cause climate change and air pollution: Dinosaurs may have met their end after a giant meteorite kicked up so much dust that it blocked out the sun for decades, reducing photosynthesis and preventing the growth of plants.
Greenpeace: China soil pollution efforts stymied by local governments
China’s efforts to combat dangerous soil pollution are being stymied by local governments and their need to earn money through land sales, environmental group Greenpeace said on Wednesday.
Caspian Sea faces pollution threat
Seals waddling along the waterfront were once a common sight in Baku Bay, the Caspian Sea home of Azerbaijan's capital.
Aviation faces challenge to reduce pollution
Aviation has boomed in the past decades, with low-cost airlines helping make travel affordable to more people, but the industry faces a major challenge to play its part in cutting emissions responsible for global warming.
Pollution can harm quality of sperm cells
According to the NHS, around one in seven couples in the UK have difficulty conceiving. Infertility in women is most commonly caused by problems with ovulation, while the most common cause of infertility in men is poor-quality semen.
Study: Nearly 50% of transport pollution deaths linked to diesel
Some 385,000 people worldwide died prematurely in 2015 from air pollution caused by vehicle exhaust emissions, a US study found Wednesday, which singled out diesel engines as the main culprit.
Do this breathing exercise every day to beat air pollution
In times of high levels of air pollution, doing some breathing exercises can help in transporting more oxygen to your lungs.
Data: Northern China pollution up by 16 percent in January
Air pollution in 39 major northern Chinese cities rose 16 percent on the year in January, official data showed, with surging industrial activity making it increasingly unlikely they will meet their winter emissions targets.
China vows no leeway for underperformers in war on pollution
China will order detailed punishment measures for officials in regions that miss air quality targets this winter, refusing to accept unfavorable weather or mounting economic pressure as excuses, an environment ministry official said.
China's pollution control meets 2018 targets
China has met its annual target for pollution control in 2018, with more blue skies, cleaner waters and greener mountains.
Government’s ‘world leading’ air pollution strategy is ‘missed opportunity’, say campaigners
UK government plans to tackle toxic air pollution have been described by green campaigners as a ‘missed opportunity’ to tackle the problem of traffic emissions.
Planting roadside hedges may combat pollution exposure
Planting roadside hedges, rather than just relying on trees, can most effectively reduce pollution exposure from cars in near-road environments, according to scientists including one of Indian origin.

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