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Extinct wolf-sized otter had powerful bite
A giant otter that roamed southwestern China six million years ago had a surprisingly strong bite and could have been a top predator, said scientists.
Research findings could lead to safer, more powerful lithium-ion batteries
Virginia Commonwealth University researchers are working to improve conductivity and safety in lithium-ion batteries, which are used to power many electronic devices around the world, including laptops, iPods, satellites, artificial hearts and cell phones.
Xi Jinping becomes most powerful leader since Mao after change to China constitution
Xi Jinping has been consecrated as China’s most powerful leader since Mao Zedong after a new body of political thought carrying his name was added to the Communist party’s constitution.
Europe unveils world's most powerful X-ray laser
The world’s most powerful X-ray laser has begun operating at a facility where scientists will attempt to recreate the conditions deep inside the sun and produce film-like sequences of viruses and cells.
Leader: Today, powerful Iran, knows well how to confront the enemy
Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Thursday that the powerful Iran knows well how to confront the enemies' conspiracies.
Trump expects powerful trade deal with UK very quickly
US President Donald Trump has said he expects a "powerful" trade deal with the UK to be completed "very, very quickly."
Lightning more powerful over ocean than land
People who live and work along coasts and coastlines everywhere may be more likely to experience a super-charged lightning strike, according to new research from Florida Institute of Technology that shows lightning can be much more powerful over the ocean than land.
US storm brings floods to California, along with snow and ice
A powerful storm walloped California and other parts of the western United States on Sunday, flooding rivers and shutting roads from mudslides in a state that has struggled with drought for years.
Powerful blast kills 6 in northern Afghanistan
At least six people have been killed in a powerful explosion that rocked a mountainous region in Afghanistan’s northern Jawzjan Province.
Study: Powerful, efficient human bite is an accident of evolution
The human skull is the species' most unique anatomical feature. A cavity large enough for a big brain and a flat, slender face set humans apart from their closest relatives.
China builds world's most powerful computer
A new supercomputer from China has topped the latest list of the world's most powerful machines.
Powerful cyclone hits Bangladesh coasts, 23 killed
Nearly two dozen people have been killed and hundreds of thousands of others displaced in Bangladesh after a powerful tropical storm triggered devastating floods and landslides in the country’s coastal regions.
Visiting most powerful telescopes
Since the dawn of humankind, we've looked up to the sky and pondered the awe-inspiring mysteries of the Universe.
Powerful Armed Forces safeguard Iran: Rouhani
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the country's powerful Armed Forces are defending and safeguarding the country’s national interests as well as geographical, political and cultural borders.
LIG makes simple, powerful energy storage possible
Researchers from Rice University who pioneered the development of laser-induced graphene (LIG) have configured their discovery into flexible, solid-state microsupercapacitors that rival the best available for energy storage and delivery.

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