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China to prepare own blacklist of entities amid US trade war
China’s Commerce Ministry says it will unveil a blacklist of “unreliable” foreign firms and individuals, amid a trade war initiated by the United States.
People in Kashmir flee, prepare bunkers amid India-Pakistan escalation
Kashmir is now witnessing large groups of people either fleeing their homes or taking shelter in ill-designed bunkers against the backdrop of recent flare-up of hostilities between India and Pakistan.
Scientists prepare to find oldest ice on Earth
The oldest ice core recovered from Antarctica — found roughly a decade ago — offered scientists a history of climate change going back 800,000 years.
Bild: Germans prepare for Greek bankruptcy
The German government is weighing what to do if the Greek state goes bankrupt, the daily Bild reported on Friday.
Prepare your children for ‘a lifetime of surveillance’
The data mining company inBloom died, killed off by parent opposition, but the data mining industry is not dead. Far from it. It is growing and metastasizing as investors see new opportunities to profit from the data surreptitiously collected while children are using computers, taking tests online, chatting online, and practicing for state tests online.

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