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Study: US teens still commonly prescribed opioids
Opioid prescriptions remain common for teens and young adults in the US, a new study found.
Many older adults don't take prescribed antidepressants
Older adults who are prescribed medication for depression by primary care physicians often fail to start taking these drugs or to continue using them as directed, a Dutch study suggested.
Cancer: If exercise was a pill it would be prescribed to every patient
Exercise should be prescribed to all cancer patients, and not to do so would be harmful, some of Australia’s leading experts on cancer have warned.
Unnecessary antibiotics prescribed by dentists spreading superbug c. diff
Dentists prescribing unnecessary antibiotics could be spreading an antibiotic-resistant superbug infection, researchers have claimed.
Half of antidepressants not prescribed for depression
Quebec primary-care doctors are increasingly prescribing antidepressants for conditions other than depression, even for medical conditions like sexual dysfunction for which there is little scientific evidence the drugs will do any good, suggests a new study by a group of McGill University researchers.

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