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Researchers close to producing genetically modified spicy tomatoes
Tomatoes could be genetically modified to produce spicy chili varieties, new research suggested.
Insulin-producing cells can survive in diabetes
A new study from Yale University has uncovered the way insulin-producing cells that are destroyed in type 1 diabetes can change and survive.
Minister: Iran now capable of producing any kind of missiles
Three types of missiles to be unveiled
Iran producing oil below $10 per barrel
Iran says it spends less than $10 for production of each barrel of crude oil, stressing that it expects such low production costs to encourage foreign investors to flock to its oil industry in face of plunging market prices.
What's wrong with S. Korean newborns?
Low birth weight in South Korea and elsewhere tells a more complicated story than you might think.
Researchers getting closer to producing edible insulin
Iranian researchers at Tehran Medical Sciences University have investigated a nano drug system boosting insulin permeability from intestinal wall and lessens its destruction against enzymes.

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