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Iran to hold Japan Short Film Evening
The Japan Short Film Evening is set to be held in Sarv Cultural Center in Tehran, Iran, today.
Zarif rejects Pompeo’s claims about Iran’s missile program
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif categorically rejected a claim by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about Iran's missile program, saying Tehran does not seek to develop nuclear weapons.
EU unveils Earth observation program
The European Union’s (EU) Earth observation program, which can address environmental monitoring requirements of various industries and sectors, was recently introduced in Philippines by EU’s delegation to the country.
Program helps seniors continue to live independently
A program that combines home modifications with specialized counseling may help seniors disabled by aging stay in their homes longer, a new study suggested.
NASA selects nine US companies to vie for Moon program funding
NASA on Thursday named nine US companies, including Lockheed Martin Corp., that will compete for funding under the space agency’s renewed long-term Moon program, a private-public undertaking to develop technology that will explore the lunar surface.
Military official: Iran’s missile program not negotiable
Spokesman of the Iranian Armed Forces said that nobody in the country agrees to negotiate Iran’s missile power.
Apollo program: First steps into space, 50 years on
Fifty years ago this week, the first Apollo spacecraft to carry humans into space was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
White House ‘quietly kills’ NASA climate program
The administration of US President Donald Trump has “quietly” canceled a NASA program that monitored and measured greenhouse gas emissions, a report says.
Millions of trees at risk in secretive Network Rail felling program
Millions of trees are at risk in a secretive UK’s nationwide felling operation launched by Network Rail to end the nuisance of leaves and branches falling on the line.
Saudi Arabia starts to enlist female soldiers
Saudi Arabia has begun to permit women to join its armed forces as part of the kingdom's Vision 2030 social program.
Engineers program tiny robots to move, think like insects
While engineers have had success building tiny, insect-like robots, programming them to behave autonomously like real insects continues to present technical challenges.
New setup for image recognition AI lets a program think on its feet
Artificial intelligence is getting some better perspective. Like a person who can read someone else’s penmanship without studying lots of handwriting samples, next-gen image recognition AI can more easily identify familiar sights in new situations.
CRAFT program helps families assist addicts seek treatment
A family-focused approach that supports families as they help a person get the treatment they need is proving to be successful, said a clinical psychologist at the provincial addiction treatment facility in Mount Herbert, P.E.I.
Children's health program in US faces uncertain future
A 20 year-old health care program for low-income children is in danger of dying in the US, putting nearly 30,000 Central Florida children at risk of losing coverage.

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