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Higher temperatures could help protect coral reefs
A new study in the journal Behavioral Ecology, published by Oxford University Press, suggested that higher water temperature, which increases the aggressiveness of some fish, could lead to better protection of some coral.
Ten tips on how humanitarian actors can protect the environment
Every day humanitarian aid workers help millions of people around the world, regardless of who they are and where they are.
Call for smoke ban in the home to protect children
Cancer scientists have renewed calls for smoking to be banned in the home, as almost a third of smokers’ children are left likely to die from lung disease in adulthood.
Drought forces emergency measures for US West’s wild horses
Harsh drought conditions in parts of the American West are pushing wild horses to the brink and spurring extreme measures to protect them.
EU protecting companies in Iran
By Kostis Geropoulos*
Fish oil may protect youngest hearts
Omega-3 fatty acids — good fats found in fish — can boost the heart health of adults, but a new study suggests that babies might also stand to benefit from them.
UN Chief calls on governments, businesses, people to act to protect nature
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in his message on the International Day for Biological Diversity urged governments, businesses and people everywhere to act to protect the nature that sustains us.
Germany vows to protect EU firms against Iran bans
Germany says it will try to protect European companies from any adverse effects from US President Donald Trump's decision to quit the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement.
UK social media groups urged to protect children
Jeremy Hunt, UK health secretary, has warned leading social media companies that the government will impose legislation if they fail to take action to protect children and young people online.
Polyploidy cells can protect liver against cancer
Polyploidy cells in the liver can protect the liver against cancer, said researchers from the US University of Texas (UT) Southwestern.
Belize bans offshore drilling to protect maritime habitat
The Central American nation of Belize, in a move to protect the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, has banned the offshore extraction of oil and gas in its maritime territories.
India's Modi fights to protect home base in election
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in the final phase of campaigning on Thursday to retain power in his home state and stave off the most serious challenge yet from a combined opposition.

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