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Britain risks losing green protections after Brexit
Greener UK believes that there may be a ‘lack of willpower to ensure high standards across the UK.’
US courts to seek sexual harassment protections
Chief Justice John Roberts unveiled a plan Sunday to help shield US court employees from sexual harassment, acknowledging the judicial branch is "not immune" after a powerful appellate judge retired over misconduct allegations.
UN Security Council urges more protection for children in conflicts
Deeply concerned about the abuse of children in war zones, the United Nation Security Council — in a debate in New York which included Secretary-General António Guterres and his special envoy on the issue — urged countries and non-State actors to allow children access to education and healthcare during and post-conflicts.
ٍEndangered bat species denied US habitat protections
US wildlife officials have decided against setting aside protected habitat for the cave dwellings of an imperiled species of bats, saying that doing so might draw the attention of vandals who would do harm to the lairs of the winged mammals.

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