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Tensions rising amid Greenpeace's BP protests
BP has serviced an injunction against Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise amid growing tensions between the oil giant and the environmentalist group.
Thousands block highway in Bangladesh to protest fishing ban
Several thousand fishermen blocked Bangladesh's busiest highway Sunday, police said, as protests escalated over a two-month fishing ban in the Bay of Bengal.
Brazilian president calls off trip to New York in face of protests, sponsor withdrawals
Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro has cancelled a trip to New York, where he was due to be honored as the person of the year, after weeks of protests prompted several sponsors to boycott the gala.
Police clash with protesters as thousands hit Paris for May Day
Paris riot police fired teargas as they squared off against hardline demonstrators among tens of thousands of May Day protesters, who flooded the city Wednesday in a test for France's zero-tolerance policy on street violence.
More protesters flood Sudan's sit-in to demand civilian rule
Thousands of protesters demanding an end to military rule flocked to the sit-in outside Sudan's Defense Ministry on Friday, in the biggest turnout in the center of the capital since last week when former president Omar al-Bashir was ousted and a military council took over.
Sudan's Bashir moved to prison as protesters rally
Sudan's military rulers have transferred ousted president Omar al-Bashir to prison, a family source said Wednesday, as demonstrators keep up their sit-in outside the army complex calling for a swift transfer to civilian government.
Sudan braces for military announcement after anti-Bashir protests
Sudan state television said on Thursday that the armed forces would make an important announcement soon, amid speculation that a coup attempt could be underway against President Omar al-Bashir following months of protests against his 30-year rule.
Protests rally in Brazil to denounce 1964 military coup
Hundreds of protesters chanting "dictatorship never again" took to the streets of Brazil's capital Sunday for the 55th anniversary of the coup that established more than two decades of military rule.
Palestinians hold funerals for two men killed during weekly protests in Gaza
Hundreds of Palestinian mourners in Gaza took part in funeral processions on Saturday (March 23) for two men who were killed during border protests a day earlier.
UK school suspends homosexual lessons indefinitely in face of protests
A school in Britain's second largest city of Birmingham has decided to indefinitely suspend lessons on normalizing gay marriage in the face of continued protests by Muslim parents who believe the program is harmful for their children.
Algerian protesters denounce Bouteflika 'tricks'
Protesters returned to Algeria's streets Tuesday after jubilation over ailing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's vow not to seek re-election gave way to fears of a plot to prolong his two-decade rule.
Anger boils in Algeria despite president's offer to protesters
Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's offer of a new constitution and a truncated next term does not appear to have satisfied protesters, who faced off with riot police overnight.
Khartoum protesters rally against Sudan emergency
Sudanese police fired tear gas Monday at hundreds of protesters in the capital Khartoum against a state of emergency imposed by President Omar al-Bashir to end rallies against his rule, witnesses said.
Qatar strongly protests airspace violation by Bahrain
The Qatari government has accused Bahrain of violating its airspace in a rare such reaction since relations were severed two years ago over a diplomatic standoff between Arab states in the Persian Gulf region.

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