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WikiLeaks’ Assange 'suffering from psychological torture'
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has suffered "psychological torture" from a defamation campaign against him by the media, judges, and senior political figures, a United Nations human rights investigator said on Friday.
Rouhani: Iran will not yield to US psychological war, will continue oil exports
Iran will continue to export oil despite US sanctions, which are part of a psychological war doomed to failure, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday.
Culture minister: US psychological war on Iran ineffective
Iranian culture minister said on Friday that the Iranian people are ready to counter “the enemies’ psychological war” and this war is not effective on the nation’s commitment to resist US sanctions.
Facebook addiction linked to narcissism and other psychological factors
People who are more narcissistic are more likely to be compulsive Facebook users, suggested a new study published in the scientific journal PLOS One.
Industrial Revolution left a damaging psychological 'imprint' on today's populations
People living in the former industrial heartlands of England and Wales are more disposed to negative emotions such as anxiety and depressive moods, more impulsive and more likely to struggle with planning and self-motivation, according to a new study of almost 400,000 personality tests.
Rising violence takes huge psychological toll in Rio favelas
Almir Arruda rode his bicycle quickly across the City of God slum in Rio de Janeiro when he heard there was shootout between drug traffickers and police near his 4-year-old daughter's preschool.
Researchers examine effectiveness of a psychological strategy on online learners
While online education has opened access to learners worldwide, new Stanford research suggested that a single approach to teaching everyone in an online class may not yield the best outcome, especially when it comes to course completion.
Disarray leads to psychological disorder
By Sadeq Dehqan and Leila Imani
Plasco victims to receive psychological support
A plan, titled 'Moheb', will be implemented to provide psychological support and consultation services to families of firefighters and those injured in the tragic collapse of Plasco Trade Center in downtown Tehran on Thursday, said the head of the State Welfare Organization's Center for Promoting Prevention.
Women under psychological stress in male-dominated workplaces
Today's workforce is highly gender-segregated — for example, most elementary school teachers are women, while most chemistry professors are men. Indiana University Bloomington researchers Bianca Manago, a doctoral student in sociology, and Cate Taylor, an assistant professor of sociology and gender studies, examine one important consequence of this occupational gender segregation: the stress exposure of women working in highly male-dominated occupation.
Counseling coupons to help needy people
For the second year, State Welfare Organization will offer "counseling coupons" to help needy people meet the cost of marriage counseling, said Mehdi Mirmohammad Sadeqi, the head of the Office for Counseling and Psychology affiliated to SWO.

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