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Coalition's voluntary salt limits have been 'public health disaster'
Nearly 10,000 cases of heart disease and stroke and 1,500 cases of cancer could have been avoided in England if the coalition government had not switched to a voluntary deal with the food industry to cut salt in food, said researchers.
Greece's public health meltdown
Rising mortality rates, an increase in life-threatening infections and a shortage of staff and medical equipment are crippling Greece’s health system as the country’s dogged pursuit of austerity hammers the weakest in society.
UNAIDS urges countries to move towards a public health and human rights approach to people who use drugs
UNAIDS welcomes the United Nations General Assembly’s call for Member States to consider effective public health measures to improve outcomes for people who use drugs and urges countries to implement programmes that reduce the impact of the harms associated with drug use.
World crossing malnutrition redline
Most countries in the world are facing a serious public health problem as a result of malnutrition, a report warns.

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