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Industry questions value of bottle recycling scheme in UK
Glass bottles should not be included in the new cashback recycling scheme being introduced in Scotland and across the UK, waste and drinks industry experts have said.
Study questions routine sleep studies to evaluate snoring in children
Pediatricians routinely advise parents of children who snore regularly and have sleepiness, fatigue or other symptoms consistent with sleep disordered breathing, to get a sleep study; this can help determine whether their child has obstructive sleep apnea, which is often treated with surgery to remove the tonsils and adenoids (adenotonsillectomy). Often pediatricians make surgery recommendations based on the results of this sleep study.
What's in your kids' makeup?  Asbestos recalls prompt regulation questions
Claire’s Stores Inc., an international accessories and cosmetics retailer tailored to kids and teens, has a motto: “We make memories”.
Questions, answers on scientist’s bombshell claim of gene-edited babies
Designer babies might be here sooner than anyone reckoned.
Speaker: Parliament not entitled to refer questions from president to Judiciary
Parliament will not refer to the Judiciary the four questions that President Hassan Rouhani's answers did not convince the Iranian MPs at Tuesday session, said the Speaker of the Parliament on Wednesday.
Key questions for a better environmental future in Europe
What are the most aggressive chemical products for the environment? What areas of the planet have more pollutants? Can we detect toxic products which are hard to identify? How can we protect biodiversity and natural ecosystems better? Degradation of the environment and natural resources, the loss of biodiversity, impacts on health and the crises on food safety are some of the effects of chemical products being thrown into the environment due human activity.
FDA chief questions protections on drug rebates, stocks fall
US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) chief Scott Gottlieb on Thursday questioned whether rebates that drugmakers provide to health insurers should remain protected by federal law, sparking new concerns on Wall Street over efforts to curb drug pricing.
Environmental quality research questions identified for Latin American region
Using an innovative initiative, Latin American researchers from academia, government agencies and businesses leaders identified priority research questions for the region to tackle pressing environmental quality issues.
Trump questions climate change
In an interview set to air Sunday, US President Donald Trump voiced skepticism about climate change by conflating it with global warming.
Women ask fewer questions than men at conference talks
When you ask a question at a talk, you turn from an anonymous listener sitting in the dark to a speaker in the spotlight. The attention can be nerve-wracking. But an insightful query can bring valuable visibility to junior researchers (not to mention fill in knowledge gaps).
New review raises questions about herbal heart meds
While there's scant evidence that herbal medications are safe or effective to treat heart conditions, they remain popular among people with heart disease, a new review suggested.
'Change Electoral College,' Sanders questions American democracy
US Senator Bernie Sanders has called for changing the Electoral College, in the wake of the electors' overwhelming vote to seal President-elect Donald Trump’s November 8 victory.
Mourinho questions players' commitment
Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho accused his players of approaching the loss to Fenerbahce as if it was a "summer friendly".

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