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Iran, Italy stress expansion of radio, TV cooperation
Iran and Italian state broadcaster discussed media cooperation, especially in radio and television, between the two countries.
Canadian telescope picks up mysterious, low-frequency fast radio burst
Canada's newest radio telescope has recorded the first fast radio burst featuring low-frequency waves.
UN chief: Radio can unite, empower communities
Radio can unite and empower communities and give voice to the marginalized, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in his message on World Radio Day.
'Quantum radio' may aid communications and mapping indoors, underground and underwater
Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have demonstrated that quantum physics might enable communications and mapping in locations where GPS and ordinary cellphones and radios don't work reliably or even at all, such as indoors, in urban canyons, underwater and underground.
Radio communications influence Earth's near-space environment
Humans have a measurable effect on Earth's near-space environment, new research found.
More fast radio bursts detected from same space location
A chatty source of radio waves from deep space has a little more to say. Six more blasts of radio energy, each lasting just a few milliseconds, erupted from some phenomenon outside of our galaxy, researchers said.
Largest radio telescope on Earth switched on in China
China is one step closer to leading the search for alien radio signals. On Sunday the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced that the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) has begun operations.
Malaysia launches first Qur'an radio
The Malaysia Islamic Organization Consultative Council (MAPIM) launched the country's first Qur'an radio station known as 'Radio Nurul Qur'an Nusantara'.
Fast radio bursts confirm cosmological model
In March 2013, researchers at the CERN laboratory made history when they announced the discovery of the Higgs Boson. Though its existence had been hypothesized for over half a century, confirming its existence was a major boon for scientists. In discovering this one particle, the researchers were also able to confirm the Standard Model of particle physics. Much the same is true of our current cosmological model.
Iran's first voice actor passes away
The first Iranian voice actor Reza Sajjadi died of old age complications at the age of 95 in Tehran Sunday.
Philippine radio reporter shot dead by unknown assailant
Unknown gunmen in the Philippines have shot dead a radio reporter in what may be the latest in a string of targeted attacks against journalists in the country.
Islamic radio, TV programs heading to Iran
Iran will host the 8th session of the General Assembly of Radio and TV Union of Islamic Countries (IRTVU) in August.
Tajikistan, Iran, Afghanistan launch Persian language radio station
A group of youths in Tajikistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Afghanistan on Wednesday launched a Persian language radio station called 'Pole Radio' with the aim of broadening cultural interactions between youths in the Persian-speaking countries.
IRIB chief names woman as deputy for radio affairs
Head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) has picked a woman as his deputy for radio affairs.
Iran radio programs honored at ABU
Two Iranian radio programs namely 'Toothbrush' and 'Roshd Radio' have been honored at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) TV Song Festival 2014.

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