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Iran to hold online book reading contest to cultivate stay-at-home culture
A book reading contest themed ‘Stay at home and read more books’ will be held on the occasion of Norouz and National Nuclear Technology Day (April 9).
Iran to promote book reading culture
Iran will promote the culture of book reading by organizing several cultural programs in cities throughout the country at the 26th Iran Book Week which opens today and will run until November 22.
High blood pressure: Best nuts to include in your diet to help lower your reading
High blood pressure rarely has noticeable symptoms, but if the condition is left untreated, serious problems can occur. One way to lower your reading or prevent the condition from developing in the first place is by eating a healthy, balanced diet — in particular nuts.
Reading FC signs Iran’s Ezzatolahi on season-long loan
Reading Football Club announced that 21-year-old Islamic Republic of Iran international Saeed Ezzatolahi is set to make a season-long loan switch to join the Royals’ ranks from FC Rostov — becoming the eighth senior signing of the summer.
Parents pass on love of reading to children
Did you share your favorite childhood book with your children? If you did, you're not alone. Most people do. But did you know it can help your children to develop a lifelong love of reading?
Reading to your kids might boost their social skills
Parents who read to their infants and toddlers may help them develop skills that pay big dividends when they start school, a new study suggested.
Reading to kids for 15 minutes makes a difference in development
A child’s first years of life are the most important when it comes to brain development, yet the majority of children in the US miss out on an activity that plays a vital role in building reading and language skills.
Dogs are good at reading our moods: Study
Researchers say they have proved that dogs have better social skills than their human owners. What's more, they have a much greater emotional intelligence than we give them credit for.
Reading poetry beneficial for children
Many parents take the time to read picture books and board books to their young children every day. But did you know poetry can also be very beneficial for children? Reading poetry aloud to and with your young children can have benefits that last for years.
Reading literary fiction doesn't boost social cognition
Literary fiction fans were quick to embrace news that the novels on their shelves bestowed a heightened social intelligence. The supposed link was uncovered by scientists at the New School in New York. Stories about the study were widely shared on social media platforms.
Genetics, good schooling key to child's reading ability
A child's ability to read is reliant on nature and nurture. New research suggests even high quality reading genes aren't enough to overcome poor schooling.
Girls reading more than boys
New research by the UK’s National Literacy Trust also showed overall reading enjoyment is improving among children but the gap between girls and boys is widening.
MRI shows association between reading, brain activity
There is evidence that reading to young children is in fact associated with differences in brain activity supporting early reading skills.
Reading LE-eBook can adversely impact sleep
Use of a light-emitting electronic device (LE-eBook) in the hours before bedtime can adversely impact overall health, alertness, and the circadian clock which synchronizes the daily rhythm of sleep to external environmental time cues, according to researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) who compared the biological effects of reading an LE-eBook compared to a printed book.

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