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Electronic waste recycling event set for May 4 in US county
Five reasons to recycle
Cleaning out plastic all types of containers and tossing them into the recycling bin along with papers, has never been easier. The US Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority’s recycling program switched to a single stream collection and processing system in 2013.
'Reasons to be hopeful' on 1.5°C global temperature target
Dutch scientist Dr. Heleen de Coninck is one of the coordinating lead authors of the forthcoming Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) special report on 1.5°C which will be released next Monday in South Korea.
Some reasons not to rush into open-heart surgery
Heart disease sometimes erupts as a full-blown emergency with sudden, crushing chest pain.
Reasons why your wound won't heal
Like a lot of other good things in life, wound-healing is a process. You probably didn’t enjoy the events that earned you your cuts and scrapes, but when you do have them, you get to watch your body perform an amazing work.
Three reasons you should eat breakfast every day
Muscle loss speeds up as people age, but eating a breakfast filled with protein can help.
Three reasons why eating more protein can be anti-aging(video)
The best diet for older people is one rich in protein, with stroke prevention and increased muscle strength among the benefits.
Reasons why you might be suffering from bladder problems
Having a weak or over-active bladder is very common — but it’s still a largely taboo subject.
Age, cost of treatment among  top reasons patients leave hospital early
It's a not uncommon occurrence: Patients discharge themselves from the hospital against their doctor's best advice.
Reasons to call doctor during pregnancy
With all of the hormonal, physical and emotional changes that happen during pregnancy, you’ve probably dealt with morning sickness, minor aches and pains and digestive woes.
Seven most common reasons for headaches
Headaches can range from being mildly irritating to intensely crippling — and are one of the most common health complaints GPs deal with.
Reasons why you need to get in shape
When you're in your 20s and 30s, it can be shockingly easy to find reasons to put off exercise.
Reasons for disinflation
By Saeed Bayat & Hooman Karami
Common reasons why we don’t exercise
We all intend to exercise regularly. But when it comes to putting this intention to practice, only about 10 percent are successful.

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