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Researchers use AI to recognize breast cancer patterns
Researchers used artificial intelligence to recognize patterns in breast cancer and uncovered five new types of the disease each matched to different personalized treatments.
Japan to recognize indigenous Ainu people for first time
Japan's government introduced a bill on Friday to recognize the country's ethnic Ainu minority as an ‘indigenous’ people for the first time, after decades of discrimination against the group.
Infants recognize links between vocal, facial cues
In the first six months of life, babies can draw correlations between visual and vocal cues.
If you want your baby to recognize you, stand to their left
A new study has revealed that a young baby's ability to recognize faces is heightened when the person is standing to the youngster’s left.
China develops technology to recognize people by posture only
Chinese researchers have developed new technology that can recognize people by their posture within a distance of 50 meters.
How brains learn to recognize faces
Scientists have long deemed the ability to recognize faces innate for people and other primates — something our brains just know how to do immediately from birth.
France will not recognize Crimea’s integration into Russia: Macron
President Emmanuel Macron says France refuses to recognize the integration of the Black Sea Crimean Peninsula into the Russian Federation.
Would you recognize signs of winter dehydration?
Dehydration is often thought of as a summer health problem, but the ailment can be more threatening during the cooler months.
Humanoid robot can recognize family's faces
A humanoid robot which is designed to serve as a guardian in your home for your family and children has been unveiled.
US says won’t recognize outcome of Russian elections in Crimea
The United States has denounced upcoming Russian parliamentary elections planned for the Crimean peninsula, saying it "does not recognize the legitimacy" of the process.
Greece will 'soon' recognize State of Palestine: Greek MPs
Greek legislators from the ruling Syriza political party have told members of Palestinian political parties that Athens intends to officially recognize the State of Palestine.
Greece to recognize state of Palestine
Greece is set to recognize the state of Palestine in a parliamentary vote, thus joining dozens of other countries that accord recognition to the Palestinian state.
Obama urged to recognize Iran's nuclear right
A senior Iranian lawmaker has urged US President Barack Obama to assent to the reasonable nuclear demands of the Islamic Republic.
Europe won't recognize vote in eastern Ukraine, Merkel tells Putin
German Chancellor Angela Merkel told Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone that Sunday's planned elections in eastern Ukraine would be illegitimate and would not be recognized by European leaders, a Berlin government spokesman said on Friday.

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