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NASA tests Mars 2020 rover descent stage separation
NASA engineers have completed a successful separation test of the Mars 2020 rover and its descent stage that will deliver it to the surface of the Red Planet.
‘Rosalind Franklin’ Mars rover complete ahead of Red Planet mission
The assembly of the "Rosalind Franklin" rover is now complete ahead of its proposed mission to Mars in July next year.
Scientists work out way to make Mars surface fit for farming
For future astronauts bound for Mars it will surely rank as a positive: When they sit down to dinner on the barren Red Planet, they should at least have plenty of greens.
NASA's Mars 2020 rover gets wheeled up for Red Planet
NASA's Mars 2020 rover is getting ready to roll, as engineers have installed its wheels at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California.
Humans on Red Planet in danger of mutation
NASA is gearing up for humans to start colonizing planet Mars in the near future.
The lunar gateway: A shortcut to Mars?
NASA plans to put a module in orbit around the Moon as a springboard for missions to the red planet — and beyond.
Why subglacial Martian lake raises hopes for alien life
The Red Planet might not be as parched as scientists thought.
Analysis: Red Planet has a porous crust
New analysis of Martian gravity data suggested the Red Planet's crust is not as dense as previously thought. In fact, much of Mars' crust is likely porous.

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