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Reducing lung cancer risk through radon testing
Lung cancer is the second deadliest form of cancer in both men and women, after prostate and breast cancer. Lung cancer is cancer that begins in the lungs and most often occurs in people who smoke.
Clover in the mix is key to reducing carbon footprint
Re-seeding permanent pasture initially contributes to climate change and doesn’t increase yields beyond the first year, according to new research.
Reducing care needs of teens with substance-abuse disorders
Kaiser Permanente (an American integrated managed care consortium, based in Oakland, the US) researchers found long-term benefits for patients and health organizations that employ screenings, interventions, and referrals.
A key gene could play a major role in reducing brain swelling after stroke
Could a medication someday help the brain heal itself after a stroke, or even prevent damage following a blow to the head? A new University of Southern California’s study lent support to the idea.
Space travel not reducing astronauts' lifespans but lengthening it, study claims
Although space travel exposes astronauts to forms of radiation that are uncommon on Earth, and that are linked to cancers and heart problems, a US study suggests this does not significantly shorten their lives.
Call for reducing solid waste
The ever-increasing volume of municipal solid waste is posing irreparable damages to the environment. Urbanization and uncontrolled migration to cities have increased waste production, particularly in large cities.

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