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Australia's Great Barrier Reef shows signs of new coral bleaching
The government agency tasked with monitoring the health of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has detected signs of heat stress in several coral regions, increasing the prospects of another major bleaching event.
Health of vast Mesoamerican Reef declines after years of improvement: Study
The condition of the world’s second-largest coral system, the Mesoamerican Reef stretching from Mexico to Central America, has taken a turn for the worse and faces further threats from climate change, according to a report by a group of scientists.
Palau is first country to ban 'reef toxic' sun cream
The Pacific nation of Palau has become the first country to ban sun cream that is harmful to corals and sea life.
Strange disease threatens Caribbean coral reef
The breathtaking reds, yellows and purples of the Mesoamerican Reef have been turning sickly white, leading researchers on a desperate hunt to understand and fight the mysterious disease killing the Caribbean's corals.
Great Barrier Reef outlook now 'very poor',  Australian government review says
The outlook for the Great Barrier Reef has deteriorated from poor to very poor according to an exhaustive government report that warns the window of opportunity to improve the natural wonder’s future ‘is now’.
Some reef islands resilient to climate change: Study
The Pacific's low-lying reef islands are likely to change shape in response to climate change, rather than simply sink beneath rising seas and become uninhabitable as previously assumed, new research has found.
China sets up defense systems on South China Sea reef
China has set up rocket launchers on a reef in the disputed South China Sea as a defensive measure against Vietnamese military combat divers.
Lack of tree clearing reforms a roadblock to saving Great Barrier Reef
The failure of tree clearing reforms in Queensland is the only significant delay in Australia’s conservation plan for the Great Barrier Reef, said a progress report by the state and federal governments.
Most coral dead in central section of Great Barrier Reef
The majority of coral is now dead on many reefs in the central section of the Great Barrier Reef, according to an underwater survey of 84 reefs, in the worst mass bleaching event to hit the world heritage site.
Australia's barrier reef at greater risk than thought
Australia's Great Barrier Reef (GBR), the world's largest coral bank, is at greater risk than previously thought of dissolving as climate change renders the oceans more acidic, researchers said.

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