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US court rejects bid to seize $1.68b of Iranian assets
The US Supreme Court tossed out a decision by a federal appeals court in New York that would have allowed families of those killed in the 1983 attack on US Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, to move forward in collecting claims against Central Bank of Iran worth $1.68 billion.
Taliban reject reports of planned cease-fire
The Taliban announced Monday it does not intend to stop fighting in Afghanistan, rejecting as "false and baseless" reports the terrorist group is ready to declare a temporary cease-fire in a bid to seal a peace deal with the United States.
Pope urges world leaders to reject nukes in Japan visit
Pope Francis appealed on Monday to world leaders to ensure that nuclear weapons are never used again, a day after he visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the only cities ever to be hit by atomic bombs.
Iran rejects report on condition for staying in nuclear deal
The Iranian Foreign Ministry’s spokesman rejected a report by Reuters about Tehran’s condition for staying in the 2015 nuclear deal, saying such reports can spoil “the needed atmosphere for serious diplomacy”.
British MPs vote overwhelmingly to reject Brexit deal
Britain's parliament on Tuesday Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal by a massive margin, triggering a no confidence vote that could bring down her government.
Tory rebels plot to seize control of Brexit from PM: Report
Senior Tory figures in the British parliament are ready to seize control of the country’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU) if lawmakers reject Prime Minister Theresa May's divorce deal with the bloc in an upcoming vote, a new report suggests.
Corbyn reiterates Labour will reject UK Brexit deal with EU
Britain’s opposition Labour Party will reject the Brexit agreement reached with the European Union in the UK Parliament, its leader Jeremy Corbyn has reiterated.
Palestinian demonstrators fully reject Trump’s ‘Deal of Century’
Hundreds of Palestinians have once again expressed their complete rejection of the so-called “Deal of the Century” proposed by US President Donald Trump, demanding Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to stand firm against what they branded as the “Deal of Disgrace.”
Iran rejects 'US dreams' of joint talks on nuclear deal
Iran said it has no information on the formation of working groups on fixing what the US sees as flaws in the Iranian nuclear deal.
Zarif: Trump's speech proof of his “ignorance” of Iran
Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has rejected the US president’s latest claim that he is standing alongside Iranian people, saying Donald Trump’s assertion once again demonstrated his “ignorance” of the realities on the ground in Iran and the wider region.
Russia, Turkey, Syria reject foreign interference in Iran developments
Russia, Turkey and Syria have rejected foreign interference in the events unfolding in Iran, expressing hope that there will be no more violence and deaths in the country.
Confidential UN brief reveals no missiles sent to Yemen by Iran
A confidential letter by a UN panel has put under question Saudi claims that the missiles used by Yemeni Ansarullah forces against Saudi Arabia have been provided by Iran.
Iraq dismisses US call for PMU to ‘go home’
The Iraqi government dismissed a call from US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for the Popular Mobilization Units or Hashd al-Shaabi that helped Baghdad defeat Daesh to end operations in Iraq.
Iran rejects 'baseless' claims by Arab states
Iran's ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations has rejected "unfounded" allegations by nearly a dozen Arab states that Tehran was meddling in their internal affairs.
US voters must reject falsehoods of higher walls: Obama
US President Barack Obama has once again taken a swipe at Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, saying Americans must dismiss “falsehoods and promises of higher walls.”

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