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US rejection of ICJ ruling on Iran shows it does not respect rule of law: Analyst
The administration of US President Donald Trump has proven that it does not respect the rule of law by rejecting an international court ruling against American sanctions on Iran, withdrawing from another international treaty with Iran, says an American scholar and political analyst.
UK rejects poisoning suspects' claims, reiterates they were Russia agents
Authorities in Britain have rejected claims by two Russians suspected of poisoning a double spy in March in the English town of Salisbury, repeating their previous statements that the pair were Moscow’s agents and had carried out the attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter.
Buenos Aires burns as Senate rejects abortion bill
Police in Buenos Aires have detained several protesters during clashes, after a bill to legalize abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy was rejected by a narrow margin.
GOP-dominated US House rejects Trump-backed immigration bill
The US House of Representatives has turned down a Republican “compromise” bill on immigration despite an eleventh-hour endorsement by President Donald Trump.
Teaching kids the value of tolerating failure and rejection
If we want our kids to try new things, learn new ideas, try out for activities that interest them, set goals to accomplish and ultimately build their confidence and self-esteem, they may stumble and fall at times.
Drug therapy could reduce kidney transplant rejection
Researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center have developed a new drug therapy from lethal bacteria that could reduce rejection rates in kidney transplantation.
Microorganisms affect transplant acceptance, rejection
Bacteria that colonize the body play a significant role in its function, with researchers now finding in experiments with mice that the type of bacteria present in both donors and recipients can affect the success of a transplant.
Organ transplant rejection may not be permanent
Rejection of transplanted organs in hosts that were previously tolerant may not be permanent, report scientists from the University of Chicago. Using a mouse model of cardiac transplantation, they found that immune tolerance can spontaneously recover after an infection-triggered rejection event, and that hosts can accept subsequent transplants as soon as a week after.
Palestine raps UNSC rejection of Palestine state resolution
Palestine has lashed out at the United Nations Security Council’s failure to approve a draft resolution demanding the recognition of an independent Palestinian state.

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