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Tests showing low egg reserves not linked to infertility
Lab tests showing that women have low reserves of eggs in their ovaries may not necessarily mean they will struggle to get pregnant, a US study suggested.
IMIDRO: New gold, copper, iron ore reserves discovered since 2013
A number of gold, copper, iron ore and lithium reserves have been discovered in Iran since the incumbent government took office in 2013, said a director of Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO).
China offers banks lure of lower reserves
China's central bank said on Tuesday that it will extend a preferential scheme for some banks that will free up additional funds for lending, as long as they channel money to weaker, cash-starved sectors of the economy.
Iran to build underground oil storage facility
Iran plans to embark on a project in cooperation with a foreign company to build strategic underground reserves to store crude oil, an official announced.
Up to $800 million in Daesh cash reserves destroyed: US
Airstrikes by the US-led coalition against the Daesh Takfiri group’s positions inside Syria and Iraq have led to the possible destruction of up to $800 million of the terror group’s cash reserves, a senior US military commander says.
Analyst : US eyes oil, gas reserves in South China Sea'
The United States’ dispute with China in the contested South China Sea is over access to the vast oil and gas reserves in the strategic waters, and is increasingly of “military nature,” says a political commentator.
Iran poised to strike new oil reserves
Iran is poised to strike a new oil gusher in an offshore field which it shares with the UAE in the Persian Gulf, an official said.
Iran mulls investment in giant titanium reserves
Iran requires an investment of over $4.2 billion during the next five years to make a massive titanium mine in the southeast of the country fully operational, an official said.
Iran unveils crucial gasoline reserves
Iran said on Saturday that it has enough reserves of gasoline in its strategic storage tanks to satisfy domestic demand for four months.
Japan firms eye Iran’s rich mineral reserves
Japan’s leading steelmakers have announced interest in Iran’s mining projects, including production of precious metals such as titanium.
Iran discovers new gold reserves
Iran has identified more than 1,200 potential sites for gold prospecting, including a positive location discovered recently in Darreh Bidan, Yazd province, whose reserves have not yet been determined, said a senior mining official.
China reveals gold reserves after six years
China has ended six years of concealing its gold reserves, announcing a 57% rise in its hoard which puts it in the top five with the largest stash of the precious metal.
Iran among top 10 countries in mineral reserves: Official
An Iranian official said the Islamic Republic ranks among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of mineral reserves.
Official: Iran among top 10 countries in terms of mineral reserves
An Iranian official said the Islamic Republic ranks among the world’s top 10 countries in terms of mineral reserves.
Greek parliament adopts law on cash reserves
Greece’s parliament has approved a legislation obliging public sector bodies to hand over their cash reserves to the country’s cash-strapped central bank as Athens edges closer to a debt default.

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