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Iran’s rial claws back some losses after record fall
Iran’s rial bounced back on Tuesday from a record low which has seen the national currency lose nearly two-thirds of its value since the start of the year.
US dollar reaches record high against Iran's rial
Iran's national currency, the rial, plunged by more than six percent against the US dollar in the free market on Sunday thus maintaining a depreciation streak that began a few months ago.
CBI takes steps to boost rial
Central Bank of Iran (CBI) on Thursday announced a hike in deposit rates in a bid to boost the value of the rial, after police in Tehran rounded up around 100 foreign exchange dealers.
Iran arrests currency traders as rial collapses
Iranian police arrested around 100 money changers on Wednesday as they scrambled to contain the decline of the rial, which has lost a quarter of its value in six months.
CBI governor warns speculators they face losses betting against rial
Central Bank of Iran governor on Monday warned investors speculating on the fall of the rial that they were heading for losses because his bank could control the foreign exchange market and the currency was likely to rebound in the next couple of months.
Iranian cabinet approves bill to switch currency from rial to toman
The administration of President Hassan Rouhani in a cabinet meeting on Sunday approved a bill to switch Iran's national currency from rial to toman, an official said on Monday.
Rial redenomination possible only after 2019
Central Bank Governor Valiollah Seif has said dropping few zeros from banknotes will be possible only after 2 years.
Minister: Trade in Lira, Rials to boost Iran, Turkey ties
Minster of Industries, Mines and Trade Mohammad-Reza Nematzadeh said on Wednesday that trade in Lira of Turkey and Iranian Rial will boost both sides' national currencies and ties.
Iran’s currency hits record low
Iran’s rial hit a record low against the US dollar as it broke the 41,500-rial threshold in Tehran’s market on Monday.
Rial hits fresh record low
Iran's currency plummeted to new lows against the dollar on Sunday, continuing a six-month decline that has seen the rial lose some 19 percent of its value despite the lifting of sanctions.

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