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Risks grow for Rohingya in Bangladesh's teeming, squalid camps
Bangladesh plans to allocate more land for camps housing Rohingya refugees as concerns grow over a possible outbreak of disease in crowded, makeshift settlements clustered at the country’s southern tip.
Adults who were preemies more likely to experience mental health risks
Adults who were born prematurely at a very low birth weight may be more likely to experience mental health problems like depression and anxiety, a recent study suggested.
Ratings agency highlights Trump’s unpredictability as risks
A new report by a leading credit ratings agency says Donald Trump’s presidency poses a risk to the global economy.
EU food safety body to look again at palm oil health risks
The European Food Safety Authority will re-examine its warning on health risks stemming from palm and other vegetable oils, a spokeswoman at the European body said in light of a recent study expressing less concern than EFSA.
Risks threatening global growth
By Martin Wolf* What is going to happen to the world economy this year? Much the most plausible answer is that it is going to grow. As I argued in a column published at this time last year, the most astonishing fact about the world economy is that it has grown in every year since the early 1950s. In 2017, it is virtually certain to grow again, possibly faster than in 2016, as (head of fulcrum Asset Management) Gavyn Davies has argued persuasively. So what might go wrong?
Meat may raise older women's heart risks
Women over 50 who follow a high-protein diet could have a higher risk for heart failure, especially if most of their protein comes from meat, researchers report.
Simple tricks to improve your concentration
Do you find yourself powering through work one minute and watching cat videos the next? That sounds about right: A study last year by Microsoft discovered that the average attention span is eight seconds.
Gluten-free diets pose health risks
Copying trendy gluten-free diets favored by celebrities may be putting people’s health at risk, a leading doctor has warned.
Diagnosing bowel cancer late poses risks
The Irish Cancer Society is concerned that just 40 percent of people are taking part in the BowelScreen program.
Turkish footballer risks jail over tweets insulting president
The Turkish legendary footballer Hakan Sukur, who left behind some lasting moments in the country’s football history, now faces charges that could put him behind bars for insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Blood test can predict heart disease risks
A new blood test appears to help predict the risk for future heart disease among teens struggling with obesity.
China risks ‘real damage’ to economy
The Chinese government risks ‘real damage’ to the economy if it does not hasten reform of China’s state-owned enterprises and overhaul a debt-fuelled growth model, Hank Paulson warns.
Smokers underestimate risks of few cigarettes
Many people still dangerously underestimate the health risks associated with smoking even a few cigarettes a day, despite decades of public health campaigning.
Do benefits of raw milk outweigh risks?
Raw milk is milk that has not undergone pasteurization, the bacteria-killing heat treatment designed to reduce human pathogens and increase shelf life. Unpasteurized milk can contain potentially harmful and deadly pathogens, including listeria, salmonella, E. coli 0157:H7 and campylobacter.

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