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Like roads, many genetic lineages led to ancient Rome
At the height of its empire, the inhabitants of ancient Rome genetically resembled the populations of the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, according to a DNA study.
Saudi coalition destroys 5,000 km of roads in Yemen
The US-Saudi coalition bombardments have so far destroyed 5,000 km of the roads in Yemen.
Over 10,000 killed in Iran road accidents in seven months
More than 10,000 people have been killed in road accidents in Iran over the past seven months despite a 1.1-percent decline compared to a similar period last year, figures show.
Wax could help roads de-ice themselves
A simple wax additive could keep roads and sidewalks ice-free during a winter storm.
Schoolchildren play near roads with harmful pollution levels
Thousands of children are playing in school playgrounds near roads with harmful levels of illegal air pollution, new analysis suggested.
Ford to have self-driving cars take to roads by 2021
Automaker Ford announced that it plans to develop fully autonomous vehicles by 2021.
Daimler vows to take China off Iran roads
Daimler says its trucks division will start the deliveries of Mitsubishi Fuso brand in Iran later this year.
Iranian driver gets $2000 traffic bill for overspeeding
Traffic police cameras installed en route Minab-Bandar Abbas recorded the overspeeding of a driver, leading to his getting a 70 million Rial ($2000) bill and annulment of his driver license.
Living near major roads may increase sudden death risk
Living close to a major road may increase women's risk of dying from sudden cardiac death, according to new research in the American Heart Association journal Circulation.

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