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Robots in finance could wipe out some of its highest-paying jobs
Robots have replaced thousands of routine jobs on Wall Street. Now, they’re coming for higher-ups.
Robotic inspectors developed to fix wind farms
Fully autonomous robots that are able to inspect damaged wind farms have been developed by Scots scientists.
UK economy has 'too few robots', warn MPs
The UK is lagging behind the world’s other advanced economies in the shift to robots and automation in the workplace — putting jobs, businesses and the prosperity of whole regions at risk, according to an influential group of MPs.
Robots to install telescopes to peer into cosmos from moon
As the United States races to put humans back on the moon for the first time in 50 years, a NASA-funded lab in Colorado aims to send robots there to deploy telescopes that will look far into our galaxy, remotely operated by orbiting astronauts.
Expert says robots will destroy huge number of jobs
Robots will destroy a huge number of jobs making it difficult to find employment in just 25 years time, a technology expert warned.
Tokyo 2020 Olympics unveils robots to help wheelchair users, workers
Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics organizers launched their ambitious Robot Project on Friday, unveiling two of the robots designed to assist supporters, workers and athletes at the Games.
Amazon's 'collaborative' robots offer peek into the future
Hundreds of orange robots zoom and whiz back and forth like miniature bumper cars — but instead of colliding, they're following a carefully plotted path to transport thousands of items ordered from online giant Amazon.
Samsung unveils new home helper robots
Samsung Electronics introduced robots to help people cook, clean and undertake other household chores.
ILO urges world leaders to guarantee workers' rights as robots cut jobs
World leaders have been urged by an influential United Nations agency to sign up to a universal labor guarantee to bolster fundamental workers’ rights, including adequate living wages and collective bargaining through trade unions.
Grocery robots detect spills
A wheeled robot named Marty is rolling into nearly 500 grocery stores to alert employees if it encounters spilled granola, squashed tomatoes or a broken jar of mayonnaise.
Humans beat robots on Japan farms as door opens for migrants
The country that brought robots to car factories looks set to stay resolutely old school in agriculture as it seeks to attract more foreign workers to replenish an aging workforce.
Time travel claim: Man ‘from 3070’ reveals all-out war between humans and robots ‘is near’
A time traveler from the year 3700 has claimed a war between robots and humanity is near and has tried to prove his claim by showing a robotic arm.
Robots to make robots at ABB's new $150m factory in China
Robots will make robots at a new ABB factory in China, which the Swiss engineering group said on Saturday it plans to build for $150 million in Shanghai as it defends its place as the country’s largest maker of industrial robots.
Increasingly human-like robots spark fascination, fear
A humanoid robot named Erica chatted to a man in front of stunned audience members in Madrid.
Tiny robots send home first photos from asteroid's surface
Two tiny robots dispatched to the surface of an asteroid from a Japanese spacecraft have sent home their first photos.

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