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The rock that vibrates in time with Earth, wind, waves
Scientists at the University of Utah have made the first detailed seismic measurements of a pillar-shaped sandstone formation in Moab National Park known as Castleton Tower.
Snowman-shaped space rock actually 'flat like a pancake'
The faraway space snowman visited by NASA last month has a surprisingly flat — not round — behind.
Rock collision 'twice as big as Earth' pushed Uranus onto its side
"Detailed computer simulations show that an enormous rock crashed into the seventh planet from the sun", said Durham University astronomy researcher Jacob Kegerreis, who presented his analysis at a large earth and space science conference this month.
Israeli soldier, hit with rock, seriously wounded near Ramallah
An Israeli soldier has sustained serious injuries after a Palestinian anti-occupation protester hurled stones at him inside a settlement in the central part of the West Bank amid new wave of Israeli aggression against Palestinians in the occupied territories.
NASA: Giant 121-foot space rock barreling to Earth tomorrow
A giant asteroid four-times longer than a London double-decker bus will zip past the planet today, NASA warned.
Chile's rock art llamas divulge secrets of ancient desert culture
Open air rock paintings in the world's driest desert pay testament to the importance of the llama to millennia-old cultures that traversed the inhospitable terrain.
Prehistoric rock art site unearthed in India
A prehistoric rock art site discovered in the vast expanse of limestone blocks on the eastern banks of Naguleru near Dachepalli has thrown light on the Neolithic civilization that flourished in India's Guntur during 1500-2000 BCE.
'World's oldest rock drawings' uncovered in Iran
An Iranian archaeologist discovered what he believes could be some of the oldest rock etchings on the planet.
Rock you like an earthquake: Exhibit converts quakes to sound
You can now eavesdrop on some of the world's largest earthquakes from deep inside the planet. A new project lets you see, hear and feel seismic waves created by massive temblors.
Ceres is more than just a space rock
Like an interplanetary parfait, the dwarf planet Ceres appears to have layers. A pliable outer shell of minerals, ices and salts encapsulates a core of solid rock, a new study suggests.
Boys deface ancient rock carving ‘to improve it’
Two teenagers in Norway could face prosecution after causing damage to a 5,000-year-old rock carving, despite claiming they were trying to improve it.
Unknown alien rock found in Swedish quarry
A morsel of never-before-seen alien rock has been dug up in a limestone quarry in Sweden, where it had lain deeply buried for about 470 million years, scientists said.
Blasts rock US oilfield chemical supplier
Several blasts in the United States have made a huge fire at an oilfield chemical supply company located north of Houston, Texas.
Rock reliefs in Firouzabad
Firouzabad, located south of Shiraz in Fars province, is surrounded by a mud wall and ditches. One of the attractions of Firouzabad is the ancient reliefs near the city.
Es'haqvand rock tombs
There are three ancient rock tombs at Es'haqvand, halfway between two towns called Deh-No and Chaman-Esmaeil,located 18 kilometers south of Bistoun in Kermanshah province.

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