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Freed Iranian scientist recounts ordeal in US jail, says American ‘justice’ exists only in Hollywood movies
Iranian stem cell scientist Dr. Masoud Soleimani, who returned home Saturday following his release from US prison, has recounted his ordeal during his time behind bars, saying American “justice” only exists in Hollywood movies.
Iranian scientist behind bars in US for seven months without trial
Top Iranian stem cell scientist Dr. Masoud Soleimani has been behind bars in the United States without trial for the past seven months.
NASA scientist: There might be ‘crazy form of methane-based life’ on Titan
A NASA planetary scientist revealed that our Solar System’s ocean worlds could have the best possibility of hosting alien life.
Young Indian scientist wins World Health Summit Startup award in Berlin
Besides plentiful awards and recognition, Roopam is also listed in the UNESCO Youth forum and Innovators under 35.
Strickland: ‘I see myself as a scientist, not a woman in science’
When you win a Nobel Prize, you can expect a fair bit of attention.
UK authorities imitating Trump in fracking plans: Top scientist
A top scientist has accused Britain of ignoring warnings against fracking, which is extraction of oil and gas under huge pressure, saying authorities were imitating US President Donald Trump in having a deliberate disregard for scientific facts.
Top UK scientist fearing Brexit will strip leadership from Britain
A top British scientist called the government ‘totally chaotic’ as he stands to lose his leadership of major European projects after Brexit.
CERN scientist: 'Physics built by men — not by invitation'
A senior scientist gave what has been described as a ‘highly offensive’ presentation about the role of women in physics, the BBC learned.
Scientist warns of climate change's effects on New Zealand
A second contingent of New Zealand firefighters is heading to North America to help fight hundreds of wildfires.
Iranian scientist, Nobel laureate work on molecular behavior
An Iranian scientist from Department of Physics of Sharif University of Technology based in Tehran in collaboration with a host of physicians from around the world published paper on molecular behavior.
Scientist launches hunt for Loch Ness 'monster DNA'
Tales of a giant creature lurking beneath the murky waves of Loch Ness have been around for more than 1,500 years — and one academic hopes the marvels of modern science can finally unravel the mystery.
Can a one-year-old reason like a scientist?
In intriguing research, a team of scientists may have discovered the earliest age at which a person can reason logically: 12 months.
British scientist Stephen Hawking dies at age 76
The world-renowned British scientist, Stephen Hawking, has passed away at age 76, a family spokesman said.
Climate scientist fears more attacks under Trump
US climate scientists say they worry the incoming Trump administration might do more than cut off their research funding. Some also fear they could receive personal attacks and death threats simply for doing their jobs.

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